Who Will Monica Choose To ‘Love’ Her ‘All Over’?

I have to say that I'm very surprised that I like Monica's latest album, Still Standing, as much as I do. She has delivered a very solid effort this time around after a few sonic missteps on her past few albums. One of my favorite songs from the collection is "Love All Over Me," and I'm happy that it's finally gotten a video treatment. The video starts off back in the day with present-day Monica looking almost as young as she did in 1995. She's with her boo, played by rapper Maino, when her song "(Don't Take It Personal) Just One Of Them Days" comes on the radio and he tells her to go on without him. And she does, living in the lap of luxury 15 years later and engaged to Los Angeles Laker player-cutie Shannon Brown. Just as she's planning her wedding to Brown, who pops up on her doorstep fresh outta the clink but her first love. Old feelings bubble back to the surface, but she has a new man, what is she to do? Well, that's where her fans come in to decide who she'll marry--the old love or the new love--at the video's end by texting their votes in. Check her website for the 411 on how to vote and get ready for the winning ending to be unveiled on July 23rd. In the meantime, enjoy the video as-is, though. Monica is looking and sounding fierce.  

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  1. Like the inner teenager I am, I texted NEWLOVE. Monica brought the Miss Thang fan out of me. It seems like Monica has her career back on track. I'm so proud of the changes she made in her life.


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