And Now A Message From Cee-Lo Green: ‘F#&% You’

It takes skill to make an expletive-laced song hilarious, but Cee-Lo Green has done just that with "F#&% You," the next single from his upcoming album The LadyKiller. In this song he lets his old girl and her new man know exactly how he feels about them in no uncertain terms. This joint is pure comedy and exactly what I needed to kick my weekend off right. This isn't the actual video, which will be dropping next week, but if you'd like to learn the lyrics in order to sing along with Mr. Green, then press play below and prepare to be amused. Clearly this is NSFW.


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  1. I really appreciate this drop! Classic stuff from Lo

  2. Pure Comedy!! but I like it!

  3. This is good. Cant wait for the cd.

  4. F U:-) classic joint, I think this will go over big time at the office on monday. LMBAO

  5. F#&%! This song is sooo cute!

  6. I can't get enough of this. I've watched this everyday since you posted it. The words that pop up as the song plays are hilarious...the bridge and chorus totally slay me
    Ceelo Rocks!

  7. Avatar

    song of the year

  8. LOL! This is one of those songs you wish you didn't like, but can't help playing repeatedly at loud volumes. Cee-Lo is lyrical genius.

  9. genius level material!