Andre 3000 Makes It ‘Do’ What It Do

18 Responses

  1. Here's to hoping that this is just a clip of something longer, because this joint is hot!

  2. At my desk juking...definitely need some more on this just made my afternoon at work brighter =)

  3. Fresh, I hope to hear more from Andre.

  4. I really want to smack somebody that was so good. I feel strange.

  5. OMG! I'm feeling that! Nice track.

  6. real hip hop by a real mc. Just proves every southern rapper isnt a high school drop out who hangs in strip clubs with a mouth full of gold. Cant wait from Dre's album to drop. Take that Gucci and Shawty and all the other half ass cats rapping about nothing.

  7. This is pretty nice. Had to do a double take with it back to back. Very nice Andre.

  8. Ohmigoodness I love Andre. You just made my day. I do, i do, i do, i do..

  9. wow love it, Thanks!

  10. Oh that was fire!! I missed it yesterday but this is a great start to my hump wednesday!

  11. I am on the 4 or 5th replay of this song.... I LOVE IT! It's just this funky gumbo from the lyrics to the sample to Andre's delivery... makin my day *hits replay*

  12. Andre has a knack of dropping in and talking me down from a hip hop ledge and restores my faith in the art form. The man can do no musical wrong in my eyes.

  13. Love it! Can't wait 4 it 2 drop!

  14. It's pretty good. Andre stepped his skills up. It's a really good song.

  15. Thank God for 3000!

  16. We should all thank God 3000 times!!

  17. I wish he would've done one more verse!!! I want more!