Bounce-Worthy: Lance Drummonds

I love receiving gifts on my birthday, especially when there is music involved, so imagine my delight that today is the release date of Lance Drummonds' debut album, Time and Space. Drummonds, a graduate of Wesleyan University and New York City resident, has been singing since his youth and already released two EPs since 2007 (both available for free on his Bandcamp page), but Time and Space reflects a growth and maturity in his sound and songwriting. With his skill at playing the piano and singing, comparisons to John Legend are commonplace, but whereas Legend's vocal acrobatics may be an acquired taste, Lance's sound is immediately likable. Listen below to two songs from his album, the first single "The Opposite of No" and "Selfish," to hear his melodic vocals in action. These are but a sample of the treasures that await on Time and Space. Drummonds has songs to take you from chillaxin' on Sunday afternoon to surviving the doldrums of your workweek to grooving your Saturday night away. After you press play, hit the bounce to see him speaking about the new album and his musical influences and to hear some more snippets of his tunes.

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2 Responses

  1. Just listened to Selfish.....vocal delivery is AMAZING. Love it and have to have it!

  2. I've known of Lance for quite some time now and for many of his fans (including myself 🙂 ) this album has been a long time coming! Watching him grow throughout this experience and continue to mature into an incredibly brilliant vocalist and artist has been a true honor. His talent goes without being said and I am looking forward to so much more from him! This album is only the beginning and it is a pure snippet of what he has to offer...
    His raw talent and soothing voice is topped with a truly humble personality, which in conjunction with his other characteristics certainly sets him apart from a lot of what we've been seeing in music as of late.
    That being said, purchase the album, join the fan club... It's all about the Lance Drummonds movement!