Calvin Richardson’s New Video Is ‘So Amazing’

I love videos with surprise moments or unexpected endings and Calvin Richardson brings both in his new visuals for the song "You're So Amazing." In the video, the Prince of Soul plays a serviceman reuniting with his honey. He picks her up and they go out for drinks then return home for a quick dip and some sexytime in the pool. And then her husband comes home. Yikes! Yeah, this video is a trip. What's amazing is that neither Calvin nor old girl got a cap busted in their behinds at the end. 


5 Responses

  1. Love Calvin Richardson.
    This video.....not so much.

  2. Father?

  3. @hoodedmonk: You're right, that is her daddy and not her husband. Look at me trying to make this into a Maury situation. LOL

  4. Yeah...that video was just so-so. I like the song though.

  5. I LOVED your take on the video Butta. Different strokes for different folks. It is her Husband. It's all explained in the Director's Cut which you can find on youtube here: