Catch The Spirit Of Fun With This ‘B.M.F.’ Gospel Remix

My internet lurking a few days ago unearthed this gem of hilarity and outrigh foolishness. Courtesy of Stephen Bentham of SpB2 on keyboards and friend Phillip Wade as Rev. Rozay as in Rick Ross as in the worst lyricist with the best instrumentation ever, these two get to clowning hard. I think--nay, know--that we've all at some point decided to gospelize some of our favorite or not-so-favorite tracks. This clip of Ross' "B.M.F" with a gospel twist shows that doing so never loses its charm and catching it on tape? Priceless.

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2 Responses

  1. Hilarious...his trey songz impersonation was even funnier

  2. ROFL! i wasn't ready for "Flex on the Devil!" or the split. Glad I watched it.


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