Celebrate As Chuck Brown Turns 74 Years Young, Readies Live Release

In case you were wondering who you have to be to have an entire city honor you, a street in the Nation's Capital named after you and the Washington Post call you "as important to our city as that tall monument down on the mall," the answer is quite simple. You would have to be Chuck Brown. Mr. Brown, who we know as the "Godfather of Go-go," will soon turn 74 years old and the city of Washington, DC will be shutting it down this weekend to party with a purpose in his honor.

After the bounce

I have to put it out there and say that as a DC native--born and raised--I haven't been a fan of any other go-go artist like I have been for Chuck Brown. He gets all my love when it comes to go-go. That's not surprising. There isn't anybody performing go-go in Washington, DC that is as successful a brand as Brown. He has appeared on television in commercials for the DC Lottery, been sampled by mainstream artists and performs nationally bringing the DC go-go sound to cities around the country. Yes, as a 70-something grandfather, Chuck Brown works harder than most people half his age or younger. This Saturday night at the 9:30 Club, one of the oldest and hardest working musicians in the business will take the stage to celebrate his longevity with a few thousand friends and fans. 

Of course, Chuck can't celebrate a birthday without giving the people something funky to look forward to with a new pitch. In this case, it's the word that there will be a live DVD/CD release, We Got This, coming out on September 21st, with concert footage of Brown performing at the 9:30 and other venues. The CD includes a disc of five new songs that feature collaborations with Jill ScottLedisi and Marcus Miller. From what we're told, the live combo documents the band jamming on tunes as diverse as Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean A Thing" to KRS One's "Rappaz R. N. Dainja" to Brown's signature tune, the 1979 hit "Bustin' Loose." 

Check Chuck in the vid below with his daughter rapping with him on the track "Chuck Baby." This has got to be one of the hottest daughter and dad collaborations ever. Happy Birthday, Godfather, and may you enjoy many more!

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  1. Hold up...Chuck and Marcus Miller?!
    Whoa. Can't wait to hear that.


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