Do You ‘Love’ This Justin Bieber, Kanye & Raekwon Collabo?

I can proudly say that this is the first time I've ever heard a Justin Bieber song. I was all set to turn my nose up at a Bieber collaboration with "The Dark Overlord Who Reigns Supreme Over 90 Second Long Overly-Hyped Videos" aka Kanye West and Wu-Tang's second cuddliest memberRaekwon, but it's not as bad as I expected. It's quite catchy actually. My honest opinion is that the track sounds great with just Justin and Kanye since they appeal mostly to the younger masses. I'm guessing Raekwon is only on this track because Kanye used the "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' To F**k With" beat which is a nice gesture, but the track would have sounded better without Raekwon. Putting Raekwon's verses on this track are tantamount to having some random, confused dude stumbling around on a bubblegum pop tune. It's that weird. In any case, we can all rest easy now that this collaboration has been done. Hopefully, there won't be any more of these in the near future. 

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  1. I love how you have Ye' giving Beiber the side eye LOL. It was okay. If I didn't know anybody, I'd think Justin was from 1973 wit that photo.

  2. Is this some kind of sick joke? As much as I cant express enough how much I dis like Justin Beiber, I can't knock anyone for making their money, but that said, really Kanye and Raekwon, the boys voice hasnt even hit puberty yet! Can someone please come up with a cure for this Beiber fever that is spreading like wild fire.

  3. the track is cute, but i agree...i could do without raekwon on it

  4. ROFL at the picture. It's the tryptic embodiment of wtf. The song is cuter than I anticipated. I too am glad they got it out of their systems.

  5. It wasn't too bad, it definitly wasn't what I expected. Although JB does remind me of Donny Osmond especially with that photo.

  6. i didnt think it was that went left for me after the raekwon verse..he sounded fine on the track...when JB started to sing it sounded it needs to be either raekwon and kanye or JB and kanye but not all 3..if this song ever hits the radio i could see pop stations cutting the raekwon verse because all the 12 yo's would be like who's that ?

  7. They say ignorance is bliss,
    I just couldn't bring myself to press "play".

  8. Crazy !!! a great Marketing tool..Musically it will be the last time I listen to it...Ray the Chef and Ye...I got Justin..kick rocks..! With the Auto-Tunes BS

  9. I could live without it. Not bad, just ok.

  10. As soon as I heard JB's voice that was it for me. Raekwon happens to be one of my favorites and this just doesn't look right.... I mean really.. look at the pic ... EXACTLY. Wu Tang forever.

  11. The visual of seeing Kanye and Rae lookin' pissed and Justin in the middle with his teeny-bopper, Colgate smile is hilarious to me.
    Actually, the song isn't bad.... I just HATE Justin Bieber.

  12. Is it just me? I can't stand him. He's just another pretty boy teen idol. He'll be forgotten like Leif Garrett.

    I just vomited after listening to this vile pice of rubbish. (and I couldnt ebven make it thru the whole track...)

  14. cut out JB.. and u have a descent song... hearing JB's voice makes me wanna break a cats neck so i can forget about the trauma my ears went through.


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