Does This Prince Remake By Colin Monroe Do Anything ‘4 U’?

Many have tried to remake Prince songs and very few have suceeded. Unfortunately Colin Munroe does not fall into that category with his remake of "I Would Die 4 U." I'm sorry, but if you are going to sing one of the Purple One's most beloved songs from a now-classic film, then you better bring it. The only thing Munroe brings to this is an uninspired, Auto-Tune heavy mess that I quickly tuned out. This lacks all of the funk and fire of the original. I need to watch Purple Rain immediately to wash the taste of this out of my brain.

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  1. I like it! He didn't do much with the song from a musician stand-point but I enjoy the vibe he created. For me, the auto-tune brings a few extra layer to the lyrics: "I'm not your woman/ I'm not your man" - altered vocals make me think, "...Then what the hell are you?!?!" LOLOL!!! Not a bad look from where I'm standing.

  2. Ummm, yeah... I'm with you Butta.... this is beyond terrible... lol I couldn't get through the chorus... Its robotic, stiff, watered-down and there is no 'soul' to it AT ALL!!! (we are on Soulbounce).

  3. DEAR SOULBOUNCE.COM.....STOP with all this negative bullcrap that has been surfacing every week now, I want to come on here and get that good soul vibe and NOT feel like I'm on worldstarhiphop or mediatakeout with all the nonsense...I say this out of love and out of being a frequent visitor....please....stop...if y'all don;t dig the songs don't put em on the site and bash em, leave that up to the rest of the blogging losers...

  4. It was had moments that made me feel a twinge of "I kinda like this"....that said, it falls way short of the original...

  5. I am getting shades of Kajagoogoo from this songs.

  6. Have we talked about the Raheem Devaughn cover of I would Die for you?

  7. DEAR NJG:
    To avoid any misunderstandings that seem to be occurring more and more in the comment threads of these posts lately, I am not going to address this only to you.
    The editors here at SoulBounce have addressed this in the past. Our stance on what we choose to post is that we post what want to. No surprise here. But I do think your comment as well as others' necessitates the following explanation.
    SoulBounce has always been snarky, sarcastic, and scathing of bullshit music just as praising, loving, and showering of accolades to music we love throughout the 3 years we've been in existence. If you don't believe me, take a look here, here, and here. If you're wondering why these posts were all nOva's, it's because there seems to be some speculation of why he's no longer here (he left on his own accord and told me to tell you all in typical nOva-speak "to move on"). I hate to break it to all of you naysayers, but the same amount of snark and praise found in nOva's posts when he was still here is still present on this website's more current pages.
    We appreciate all of your continued readership. And I'm not just saying that because it sounds nice. We really appreciate how much attention you pay to our thoughts, critiques, and opinions. We just want to make sure that everyone gets the best SoulBounce experience possible.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  8. wow this is terrible, like they packaged it for the popsters and I shudder to imagine it as background music in a tween movie romance scene. just terrible..

  9. DeVaughn's cover is nice. Nice than the one in the post.
    As for 'negative' stuff, I think Common said it best: "If I don't like it, I don't like it, that don't mean that I'm hating." That said, I don't like this joint.

  10. I don't hate it. It's an instrastin take on the original. However, it wouldn't be in constant rotation in my speakers.

  11. Even though this damn near made me smash my laptop in the first 2 seconds I like to see the next generation being exposed to greatness how ever they can get it. Dude is going to cause some 13 year old kid to look this up online and he's going to find Prince and it's going to blow his mind and change his life. @NJG People can make their own decisions about the music. SB just exposed this dude to people who otherwise wouldn't know him. I don't think they posted the ENTIRE song so we could all dump on it just cuz they did. Dude has a remake to Kanye's Flashing Lights by the way that's pretty fly in my opinion.

  12. I really like the version of this song by Raheem DeVaughn.

  13. hmmm... reminds me of owl city. im jus happy 2c tha som1 was inspired by the original. the power of prince travels deep, along with other artists whose work has been covered, whether or not the cover was "up to par" or "disgracing". interestin take on the classic none the less. may the purple 1 live on!

  14. Its not auto tune

  15. NO....HELL NO.....Some song should not be touch.
    Plz leave that one alone.


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