El DeBarge Is Ready For His ‘Second Chance’ And So Are We

El DeBarge is poised to have one of the biggest comeback stories of the year--if not the past few years. His quiet return began with a low-key appearance on Brian McKnight's talk show, and then he got put on blast at this year's BET Awards much to the delight of fans who wondered whatever happened to the talented yet tormented singer. His sighting on BET was the springboard for his new album, Second Chance, which he has been diligently working on since his release from prison and rehabilitation from drugs. We heard a snippet of the first single, also named "Second Chance," on the album's EPK, but now we get to hear it in its entirety, and it's as epic as you might have imagined. Amazingly, his voice is in top form and he's still able to hit every high note. Almost spiritual in its delivery, this song is about not giving up, moving forward and redemption. Listening to this and knowing all that El has gone through in his life to come to this point, brought tears to my eyes. Although I cannot wait for Second Chance to be released on September 28th, I already know that I'm going to be a wreck the first time I play it. I know that I'm also not alone in saying that I still have all this love, and it's waiting for El. 

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  1. OMG! I could not stop crying! Such a Beautiful Song! El DeBarge has outdone himself with this one! Good luck to you El! God Speed!

  2. I'm feeling it! Welcome back El!

  3. This is the 'Return of EL'...when i heard this song for the first time i was in tears. I cant wait for the album! We love you in a special way El

  4. Nice song, i love me some el

  5. Love me some El DeBarge...Welcome back!!

  6. Avatar

    I love this and his voice reminds me of Michael`s

  7. I'm happy for EL.I haven't heard anything new since he did Til Tomorrow with Chico and that was also a tune I just adore.Welcome back El and I love the song.This is a comeback!

  8. GREAT SONG! it speaks right to you!

  9. Beautiful song ......

  10. I just commented on this yesterday-surprised you haven't uploaded the video yet

  11. I wish him all the peace and blessing on this new cd. We need more real singers like El Debarge. I hope is spirit is full of love and happiness during this wonderful tranformation in his life. His voice is timeless. Love to have you back !!