Faith Evans Smashes All Over Lesser Beings On Stage

We may all be a little older and a little wiser depending on who you ask, but certain things just don't seem to change with each passing year. Faith Evans' voice is one of them. I've been blessed to see her perform just once in my life and it was one of the best performances I've ever seen. Faith's recent performance at Paradise Theater in the Bronx may not have had a live band, but Faith went in on "Love Like This," "Soon As I Get Home," and more starting at around the 2:40 minute mark. There's also an interview with Faith at the beginning of the video but if you're like me, you're already jamming to her performance. Enjoy. [H/T: TIRB]


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  1. Damn, she can still sing like nobody's business!

  2. No one out there now is touching her. Her voice is classic and timeless, not to mention she writes like nobodies business. I am so happy to hear real talent is making a resurgence in 2010. Onward and upward with REAL music!!!!!!

  3. She still has it! Is it my imagination, or does she look better on this video that she has in ANY of the promo photos for her upcoming album? I'm just praying for some strong songs to compliment her beautiful voice.

  4. She makes me want to throw something at my screen and give a wave offering. Beautiful voice.

  5. So glad to see Faith doing her thing again. She is one of the few who always releases solid albums. I will definitely be getting that CD on Oct. 5th.

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    she sounds good but I would have been mad if I paid to see a show with no band

  7. gotta love faith!! she always brings it....luvs it

  8. Love the voice I agree about he band Faith get one ASAP!!!!

  9. Her voice is like no other! Can't wait for the album.