Invincible & Waajeed Give You A Taste Of ‘Detroit Summer’

"Detroit Winter" is one of my favorite tracks from Platinum Pied Pipers' debut album Triple P. Little did I know that Invincible would turn out to be this same femcee whose music I became acquainted with a few years later. Luckily for me and the rest of you who appreciate real lyrics spit by someone with real talent comes Invincible and Waajeed--one half of PPP--with a video for an updated tale of their city's hottest season, "Detroit Summer" directed by Waajeed. Invincible comes with it as always and thankfully her new album produced by Waajeed will be dropping next year. 

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for that one...The first MC of any gender in a long time that I've been looking forward to hearing more from...I gotta get my research on...Seem I'm late..! lol

  2. i've said this before SB and I will say it again Invincible is the dopest female MC since Lauryn Hill. if you aint scoop up that shapeshifter CD you sleeping................................

  3. This is not Detroit, this is garbage.


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