Jamiroquai Takes Us On A Joy ‘Ride’

Even though it's been a minute since their last release, fans of Jamiroquai will be happy to know
that time has done nothing to alter the group's sound, judging by their latest, "White
Knuckle Ride." The song, the first single off the group's upcoming seventh studio album (and eighth overall), Rock Dust
Light Star
, stays true to the funky grooves that have kept listeners like me clamoring for more
since their 1993 debut. Now I'll be the first to admit that this group can do no musical wrong
in my book. From their dance tracks to their slower tunes, I'm always on board for practically
anything they put their musical minds to. With one spin of this song, I found myself dancing
around my house. "White Knuckle Ride" presents the group doing what they do best: getting
folks onto the dance floor to sing along. From the funky track to Jay Kay's voice, you'd be hard
pressed to resist the magnetic pull of this one. So buckle up, hold on tight and enjoy this "White
Knuckle Ride."

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3 Responses

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAYY!! THe whole SONG!! That sound clip for "White Knuckle Ride" had been on SERIOUS REPEAT the past few weeks!! I CANT WAIT to catch them in concert!! I'm sure I'll leave the concert drenched! This song just gave me some type of energy and life! Been dancing like CRAZY round my room!! Aah Soulbounce..I love thee!

  2. LOVE this! Can't wait for the album in November. Jay Kay sounds great as usual and the production is spot on, but their guitarist, Rob Harris, just continues to blow my mind with his magical neo-funk guitar playing. Great stuff!

  3. Funky's got that disco feel but updated...but it's a winner