Kanye West’s Sneak Peek Looks Pretty Powerful

Barring his stellar rhyme flow and production abilities, Kanye West is at once fascinating and annoying. He is hip hop's epitome of watching an imminent car crash: You know what's going to happen in theory but what's most intriguing is not knowing exactly how the future events are going to happen. Take his new video for "Power." Not only has he enlisted the help of some artist Marco Brambilla, but this "video" has been described by its director as an apocalyptic "video work that's been commissioned by Kanye to accompany the music." Interesting. I'm loving the larger than life King Tut-Gucci link piece 'Ye is rocking in this video so much that I just ordered my own throwback two-finger ring. "Power" premieres tonight after Jersey Shore--gah--on MTV but it will most certainly be online within record time after its appearance. Until then, take a look at the making of this video.

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8 Responses

  1. "Stellar rhyme flow"
    Surely, you jest. As an emcee, he's average at best.

  2. Yes, Tyler. I said "stellar rhyme flow." He most certainly has proved himself worthy of that description in the past. I think this commenter sums it up quite nicely.

  3. i agree that he's LYRICALLY stellar, but his flow is indeed average...
    as for the vid, strange as usual...

  4. Kanye is a uber douche. I use to like his music before he became to big of a asshole. This is why you never fly too close to the sun because your wings of wax will ultimately melt..................I wouldnt buy or even accept a free copy of his upcoming album, hell I wouldnt even download the shit for free on limewire:-)

  5. Avatar

    I have to agree with SickWit, great obseravtion. Being that Kanye is Gemini, not unlike myself, there is already a natural love of language and quite a Flair with it.....

  6. There goes Stoneyisland as always.

  7. How did you even get all of that out of that. You're good girl!

  8. His flow is clunky as hell (Drive Slow, excepting). He's the beneficiary of great PR...people have said he's great so much that people just start repeating it. He's an average emcee at best, in every way.


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