Morning Soul: They Shootin’

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  1. "Homewrecking Hussy" is a little strong. Was a Alicia Keys labled a homewrecking hussy? Considering how she actually put herself and her child at risk, I think a little sensitivity is warranted. The sensitivity though does not negate that if she did break up the marriage she needs to atone for it.
    As always I enjoy the Soulbounce!

  2. Alicia Keys is a home wrecker, gabrielle Union is a home wrecker and now ninja turtle looking fantasia is officially a home wrecker. If you are sleeping with a married man then you ARE a home wrecker. This fake suicide is a ploy because she finally realizes she broke up the wrong marriage in the wrong state. NC is one of 7 states that allows a home wrecker to be charged for their actions. Just recently a woman in NC won 6 million dollars from a home wrecker, not that Fantasia has that kind of paper but I hope she gets taken to the cleaners. I have no sympathy for her, at least the two fore-mentioned home wreckers got dudes with some paper not some sales associate selling telephones.

  3. It's always sad to see someone attempt to take his or her own life. While I don't condone Fantasia's actions, we have all done wrong. Some of use have just been able to keep it on the low since we are not famous. I hope she gets that dealing with married men, no matter how unhappy they claim to be, is never okay. Why is it that nowadays people equate being separated with no longer being married? Why can't folks wait until the divorce is actually final?

  4. It's funny how the woman is always labeled the "homewrecker." Seems to me that the man is just as responsible. I don't think Fantasia and/or Alicia Keys acted alone, so why blame them? You gotta blame the man too because he is the one tipping out on his wife. Nobody put a gun to his head and told him to cheat.

  5. Women are home wreckers, the men that would forsake their wife and kids for a home wrecker are male whores. I cant believe anyone would have sympathy for fantasia or any other scandalous ass broad who purposely sleeps with a married man and then claims they didnt know he was married or that lame ass excuse he said the marriage was over........

  6. I'm sorry, Stoney, but he wrecked his own damn home the minute he decided to cheat on his wife. Fantasia didn't wreck shit but her life for even getting involved with him. She certainly didn't wreck his home, he did that own his own.