Sonnyboy’s Right On ‘Time’

My favorite Culture Club song of all time after "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" is "Time (Clock of the Heart)." Besides karaoke nights at local bars which make me itchy, I've never really heard anyone do a halfway appropriate version of this song. I so love that whole period punctuated by new romantic/new wave Brit bands such as ABC, Spandau Ballet, Simply Red and Elvis Costello. Aside from the warm memories Sonnyboy's take on "Time (Clock of the Heart)" gives me, the visuals are stunning. Reminisce for a spell all you '80's babies out there. Thanks to Craig from Kiss My Black Ads for the heads up. 

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  1. I funks wit this, fly vid as well.

  2. An admirable fail, as a massive Culture Club head, it is good to see their work being fleshed out. I just didn't care for his vocal, nice video however.-QH

  3. And Simply Red isn't a group I'd call a "new romantic/new waver," they emerged a few years shy of it, yes. They were more so on the "sophisti-pop/soul" movement crest that acts like Swing Out Sister, Sade, George Michael (post-Wham!), Breathe, Basia, and Lisa Stansfield were apart of, some British, some European. Just an FYI.-QH

  4. Very nice remake great singer and funky ass hell.....

  5. I'm feeling that song you made forget that boy G did it lol...and Ii like him too..very nice.

  6. I'm a big Culture Club fan too and I think this is HOT! I LOVE the singer's voice, it's so soulful... and he's pretty damn cute too! Can't wait to hear more from this artist!

  7. Nice Remake lots of energy, its always hard to do a remake of a hit song but this is a pretty damn good remake kid.

  8. Sorry, but this dude is MUCH sexier than Boy George! Lol. This version is slamin'... I love it!!! BRING IT ON SONNYBOY!!!

  9. Great video!!! I love this... takes me waaaay back! Awesome remake!

  10. Ok... I just checked out this artist on iTunes, really awesome original material!! I just bought three albums!!! Sonnyboy is my new obsession! Can't wait to hear the new stuff! Y'all should check it out!

  11. QH this artist is the shizzzit and, different.......

  12. Up to now ,I don't know this band!


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