SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #18 ‘The Lady In My Life’

Even when we're old and gray
I will love you more each day


Let's just get this out of the way right now: Michael Jackson's "The Lady In My Life" is one of the greatest love songs ever sung. Credit is definitely due to the songwriter, the extraordinary Rod Temperton, who was amongst the hitmakers behind the Thriller juggernaut, but it's Michael's tender-as-a-first-kiss delivery that transformed the words on the page into pure soul gold.

If you weren't already in love with MJ in 1982, by the time Thriller came to an end with "The Lady In My Life" you were head over heels enraptured. Every girl from 8 to 80 wanted to be the lady in Michael's life to grow old and gray with him. Even if you weren't old enough to understand or experience the type of love that Michael sang about, you knew that you wanted someone (namely him) to feel this way about you.&

Starting off with sweetness and innocence, this song builds to a sexy, sweaty crescendo with his harmonious ad-libs, screams and shouts. Michael held our hands, walked us into the room, laid us down and proceeded to make love to our ears.

Michael Jackson: "The Lady In My Life"

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17 Responses

  1. *swoons and sways*
    This song is just a beautiful composition.

  2. "Lady In My Life" has been my favorite song since the first time I heard it!
    The lyrics, melody, and the way Michael sings it.........just does something to me, still to this day. *sigh*
    I have always had the wish to see Michael perform this amazing song live.
    Now of course, I just live with the hope that there is a video of him performing this song, out there somewhere.
    Thank you always Michael for giving us your fans, and the world the gift of true music forever.

  3. See the reason why I say Michael (& Stevie) is arguably the best male vocalist ever is because of songs like this. HE SANG LIKE IT AIN"T NO TOMMOROW. And his versatility is ridiculous.......He smoothed it out in the beginning and grooved through to the climax where he just goes for the Power & Grace on one of the greatest slow jams ever.....matta fact, the Epitome of what a great slow jam is. Yes indeed, this brotha was Bad.

  4. I don't like his hair style.

  5. I know a whole lotta babies got made to this song.....Fellas this song is a deal sealer with the women. Thanks Mike

  6. there's an extra verse to this song actually. i wish they didnt cut it out, considering it was already an album song. makes all the difference.

  7. I used to pretend he was singing this to me,,oh michael *sigh*

  8. Mike goes from virgin to freak all in one song. The entire song is like making love for the very first time, until the ending when the music fades out and comes back in and MJ squeals, "Ooooooh.....", then it gets intense! "Sssssss, all over baby......

  9. @ natasha: I still pretend like he's singing it to me.
    This song Really turns me on, I'm not gonna lie.
    omg, the ending.. when he starts shouting & screaming uncontrollably, "all over! all over! all over! all over! all over! all over!!!!" AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Okay Michael!!!

  10. I guess Im alone on this one. I like the song, but find nothing sexy about it/MJ. I just can't connect his music to that arena at all. Great song though.

  11. I have this on my ipod and blackberry...I love it!! reminds me of my ex of his best songs aside from break of dawn

  12. I have this on my ipod and blackberry...I love it!! listen to it everyday on ym way to work, at work, on my way back home...deep lyrics!! reminds me of my ex of his best songs aside from break of dawn...

  13. I must say I didn't go to google this song until I heard Ne-yo sing it on BET. I am an 80s baby and yes I do know Michael, just not the earlier Michael! I absolutely love this song and miss MJ

  14. you described the song perfectly, "IF LOVE HAS A SOUND IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS SONG" LADY IN MY LIFE......your every girl's 'man in their life" MJ
    at anon you must be deaf haha LOL

  15. i love this song,it gigles me while listening to it! i feel i'm the girl michael's talking about!!! i have thriller25 cd,this is one of my sexy!