Take A ‘Seat’ For Erykah & Rick Ross’ Peek Into Their ‘Window’

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  1. Not sure how the video relates to the rest of the post, but I am glad to see that she is doing something with "Turn Me Away", since it is one of my most played songs from that album. The video is confusing (surprise!) but cute, in a way.
    I NEED some black lame' leggings!

  2. She definitely caught me off guard with this video but I guess that's what true artistry is about. I like that she keeps us guessing rather than regurgitating the same concepts and ideas.

  3. this one of the few songs I can tolerate with Ms. Badu but this joint is smooth..................................

  4. If Erykah Badu showd up and robbed me while wearing a stocking cap over her face I'd still know it's her.
    I hope they do a stand alone video of "Cant turn Me Away". It deserves it'son treatment.

  5. Wow..! shocking but I like it...let's see where it goes...Big time contradictions...but isn't that an artist's purgative ?

  6. @hoodedmonk I feel the same way! Who is she supposed to be fooling?
    Odd is an understatement. I'm curious if the storyline will actually continue. So many videos end with "To Be Continued..." and the next one is totally unrelated. I'm kinda hoping the next video is "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long," but I'm not terribly picky when it comes to this album.

  7. This is one of erykah's many alter egos. God forbid we allow an entertainer to tell a story.

  8. she needs to do something with "Umm Hmm

  9. Ms. Badu is now rocking a blonde mohawk! this chick is losing it go to to view her new "style" if you will:-)

  10. Badu, get back to the artistry not the gimmicks!
    Fan of real music

  11. This is interesting enough, but I'd rather have seen a remix w/ Jay Electronica. Not for the relationship vibe - it'd look like half of a Ashford & Simpson reunion. But because Jay Electronica is > Rick Ross and I'm sure that chemistry and similar parallel in artistry would translate MUCH better. Fuck I just don't care much for Rick Ross.

  12. I love it and Ms.Badu. Turn Me Away is one of my favourite tracks. The hook is catchy and I love the witty lyrics. The video caught me off guard, but before I knew it, I was caught up and ready to grab my stocking... Get Munny!!