Tank’s ‘Sex Music’ Tanks

Three things immediately came to mind upon watching the video for Tank's "Sex Music," the lead single from his forthcoming album, Now or Never. First, Tank is sexy as all hell. Every last one of his videos could just consist of him shirtless and singing to the camera--lips looking all juicy and what not--instead of wasting a budget on sets, clothes, dancers and extraneous females. But even his succulent mouth couldn't make up for the dreck that escaped from it when he started singing this song. Which brings me to my second point: He should have sold this joint to Jamie Foxx. As one of his principal songwriters, Tank has supplied him with a lot of material over the years and Jamie has appropriated his sound--so much so that this straight up sounded like a Jamie Foxx record and not a Tank song. And that's unfortunate, because, lastly, Tank is so much better than this. Why is he resorting to using Auto-Tune and penning such lame lyrics? It's such a waste of his talent and our time, much like this video. 

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4 Responses

  1. Hmmmmm.
    Tank's voice is too grown and sexy for this kind of music. Lyrics sound like they were written for Justin Bieber or Trey Songz.

  2. This song is frackin' useless. He fine, tho.

  3. So I disagree with the author of this post as well as the comments so far. I like the song. Is it the best thing I have ever heard from Tank? No. However, I think he realizes that in order to possibly stay relevant in the land of the masses that love T-Pain/Soulja Boy style music and create a new (read:younger) fan base, he has to dumb his music down a bit. Having said that, I dont have a problem with the lyrics either.They are straight to the point and simple. Sometimes we don't want all the pomp and circumstance when it comes to getting it in. Yeah, he could have made a different song, but compared to all the other crap out there, is this song really all that bad? It is far less atrocious than a lot of new music that I have heard recently. I think the author of this post was being far more harsh than necessary.

  4. @asiathor: This sounds like "all the other crap out there" *lol* I totally agree with the Butta. Tank is so much better than this. Or could it be that we hope and expect him to be?