What’s The Skinny On Fatso’s ‘Jeans’?

I'm becoming incredibly impressed with the quality of music videos from indie artists compared to some of those by their mainstream counterparts whose videos are wack out the wazoo. This particular video for "These Jeans" starring and directed by hip-hop soul's Fatso is so enjoyable to watch that I've played it repeatedly since coming across it. The vibe is so positive and it's a joy to watch. I get a good feeling watching it and I think you'll dig it, too. How can you not? First of all, the setting is Poppington High in ArtseeVille, USA, so from jump, you know there is some fun in store. This isn't your average High School Musical or Glee rip-off. The fact that it is filmed in TC Williams High School, which is the Virginia school that was featured in the Denzel Washington movie Remembering the Titans, makes it another fun reason to watch. You have Fatso rapping, featuring vocalist Maimouna Youssef on the hook and a video full of cameos from some of the best and brightest artists in the DMV. There's Bounce-Worthy singer Tamika "Love" Jones and C.Love as students, vocalist Kenny Wesley as the teacher and the Beat Ya Feet Kings from America's Best Dance Crew dancing in the hallway. I suspect by the time the video is over you'll be dancing, too.

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2 Responses

  1. I went to college with Fatso! so glad to see him getting some shine on Soulbounce!

  2. This video is dope and unique. I watched and enjoyed it quite a few times. Keep up the great work Fatso. Many blessings to ya.