Will This New Michael Jackson Album Be A ‘Thriller’ Or Just ‘Bad’?

Although it's been over a year since the King of Pop passed away, it seems that his
management is determined to ensure that his music isn't forgotten. That's because
Frank DiLeo, Michael Jackson's manager at the time of his sudden death, has revealed
plans to release an album featuring unreleased material in November. At the time of his
2009 death, MJ left behind hard drives filled with previously unheard music, much of
which was reportedly recorded during the peak of his success during the 1980s. It's also
set to include collaborations with Akon, Will.I.Am and Ne-Yo, in addition to music that
was scrapped from his iconic Bad album.

The as-yet-untitled album is part of a post-mortem deal struck between Jackson's estate
and Sony Music back in March. The deal, which is estimated to be more than $250
million, will also include reissues of MJ's albums, a DVD collection of his music videos
and even a video game.

Now as much as we here at SoulBounce love and miss MJ, it's still hard not to wonder
if the purpose of this deal isn't really just to cash in on Jackson's legacy. It seems we're
not the only ones wondering either, since Will.I.Am has already voiced his objections to
the project, calling the move disrespectful to Mike's wishes.

"You don't disrespect someone when they're gone...How much can you suck from his
energy?...Freaking parasites," he told the Associated Press, citing Jackson's detailed
creative process as proof. "He was a perfectionist and he wouldn't have wanted it that
way. How you gonna release Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson ain't here to bless

What's your verdict on this upcoming MiJac album, SoulBouncers? Does the sight of Akon's name amongst the collaborators make you wanna holler and throw up both your hands? Or does the prospect of anything new and unheard before from the King Michael negate any reservations you may have?

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13 Responses

  1. imho - and as a die-hard MJ fan - is totally, totally right. This is just sheer disrespect for the man and all he stood for - he liked to be in full control over any of his releases, there's no telling what we would have wanted to do with these tracks, and there's no way I'm ever buying anything that comes from $ony with MJ's name on it. This is NOT how you honour a music legend, period. Oh, and the top 50 is awesome, thanks for your good work.

  2. Not even Mike can carry the dead weight of Akon, Gay-yo and Will (i'm a low budget Wyclef) Please God let any song with these 3 idiots get mysteriously erased:-)

  3. I think that for someone like Mike, you know there is a reason that he didn't release some of that music. Now he is no deity, so he could have overlooked some great gems (particularly as he aged and his tastes became less prescient).
    But this does strike me as opportunism on everyone's part. Given the state of Mike's estate and his family's finances, I'm not sure why anyone is surprised by this move. Also - should spend some time not sucking instead of flappin his gums. He didn't deserve to work with Mike any ole way (which, again, is a function of Mike's flawed "popular = quality" point of view about artists).

  4. i agree with will i. am. Sony is gonna milk Mike's legacy worse than Jimi Hendrix. 4 sure.

  5. I would love to hear unreleased stuff from Michael Jackson. I understand what Will is saying (big ups to Will who is in Boston tonight), but there is a reason why Mike will always be "The King Of Pop". He made music that people will listen to forever. I've been listening to his records since I was 2! The same records! So I'd love to hear new stuff.

  6. When I first heard Rodney Jerkins talking about this album I was truly disappointed. I don't believe in releasing albums after someone has passed on unless the album was completed and the person signed off on it before his demise. People need to just leave Michael alone. As much as I would love to hear new songs from him, we have to respect him.

  7. At first, curiosity got the best of me. As a fan, I wish I could listen to anything that wasn't released.
    But then I remember like others have mentioned, Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and only wanted is very best presented to the public. The song 'This Is It' proves it because it wasn't a certified Michael Jackson banger.
    All his other music had his finally approval and I this doesn't.
    And I don't even want to talk about the three listed above as producers.........SMDH.

  8. Remember the song "This Is It" ? Let's hope Sony and Michael's estate has learned from that.
    People who create hold on to everything they do. Even if they are totally not in love with it. Because, to them it's always just missing something. They don't want to lose that original inspiration, so they never destroy it. They don't want to force creativity. they always feel they can go back to it with new inspiration and make magic. But, just because they have it in the vault, does not mean it's for public consumption.
    That song was never to see the light of day. But, Sony thought that because it was there, people need to hear it. If a record company thought a track of Michael relieving himself, with a horn section in the background, would sell. They'd release that too. The more desperate and dumb the music listener become, the less the suits care about the production value a project. Hence , why we have chart toppers like SoujaBoyTellem. If people don't think Sony would put out another production like the song "This Is It" they are deluding themselves. That song Michael would have consider scraps, did nothing for his legacy. The song was dropped from the radio play-list, pretty much as soon the novelty wore off. Which was about a week.
    Will knows this about the industry. They are really going to have to step their game up and be more respectful to Michael's legacy, if they are going to continue to release his unreleased stuff. Or the groans are going to get much louder. Because too many people who care about Michael , his artistic integrity, and his legacy, knows that even if Michael was desperate for money, he wouldn't have dropped that song like that.
    The release is going to happen, nothing is going to stop that. But, maybe Will's statement will serve as a call for accountability on part of everyone putting this project together. Someone has to take Sony and his estate to task for "This Is It" the song. If not, they will tear at his legacy.
    What they did to with Jimi Hendrix's lost and found music, is a perfect example. I wasn't around when Jimi's music was a it's peak. I was born well after they started releasing crap they found in vaults. So to me (a new listener) his legacy is over-rated.

  9. I WANT TO HEAR IT!!!!
    I'm gona go disagree with Will.I.Am on this one... Will doesn't know anything about being a perfectionist... or else he wouldn't have put out that crappy solo album (okay, enough bashing)
    EVENTUALLY, this music is going to get heard... some how, some way... Mike is too HUGE a legend to keep ANY music he did from the public.
    M.J. legacy is already SET IN STONE.... even if the music isn't quite up to everybody's standards... its not gonna hurt M.J. and his legacy one ounce. Keeping it away from the fans is not gonna do anything either. So, just release it and let's hear what M.J. was working on before we lost him I think he WOULD have wanted it that way.

  10. I do want to hear new music from MJ, but I could do without the Tupac-esque postmortem collabos.

  11. i will always love and want anything done by Michael - music, poems and speeches he made...anything! However, I would definitely not want to go against Michael's wishes - that is PARAMOUNT and he is not here to give his blessings! The fans are in a very precarious position. Wanting to do right by Mchael and Michael ONLY!! So many are claiming to be doing "what Michael would have wanted" and yet we know most of them are doing what profits them the most. Michael will, it seems, always be a money magnet for many greedy, heartless people.

  12. I have mixed feeling I would rather have Michael's blessings on it, if they weren't out then he didn't want them out. He problity didn't like them. gosh I miss him,but I know he lives within us. I will buy it but I still would listen to his old music the ones he put out.

  13. I think some people are missing the big picture here, Michael KNEW his unreleased songs will have to be released one day, even in its unfinished form. He was not new to this business, and he has been around for decades watching other dead artists music being released and actually owning some of their catalogues. When he made his will he never mentioned this music, he knew it's gonna be a source of income for his children, and he knew that an artist career cannot be judged by music released after his death.
    Now what puzzles me is the response of Will I Am . I saw an interview with him on CNN shortly after Michael's death and he was talking about these songs that they were FINISHED, and that their release will be subject to a discussion and agreement with the Jackson's family. How come he's saying those things now? I'm suspecting a disagreement with the producers over how these songs are released so he's attacking the album as a response. One thing is for sure, when this album comes I will be enjoying it for a very long time.