Bilal Shows Bob Marley Some ‘Love’

Hope that you're not tired of Bilal yet. Not that such a thing would ever happen, but with his long-awaited Airtight's Revenge just getting released this past Tuesday, he is just getting started with no signs of slowing down. Which is a good thing for us, because we get to sink our teeth into delectable musical goodies such as the following video courtesy of the good people at Plug Research and VTech. Bilal linked up once again with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and a few musicians in Los Angeles and this cover of Bob Marley's "Is This Love" was born. Mr. Oliver did what he does best, and flips the script on the reggae classic. It may take a moment for you to get into his rendition, but it is a haunting rework. Word has it that a few more covers were recorded during this session, so keep an eye out for them, too. Until then, take a break from listening to Airtight's Revenge on repeat and get into this. 

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7 Responses

  1. all i can say is wow, that is talent to redo this song and make it feel jazzy and something i would sit back in a outdoor bar in New Orleans and groove to. Amazing, i wish he would put out a mix tape or a bonus cd with his covers. They show these busters what real singing is.

  2. This They changed the feel completely. 6/8?! Any news on if this'll be released as an mp3?

  3. ...I doubt this cover would ever be topped.

  4. What a fantastic arrangement. Bilal and all of the musicians did an amazing job with this one. This has seriously got to be one of the best covers I have ever heard.

  5. Best Marley cover I've ever heard

  6. He's amazing. Talent unmatched.

  7. I have to second Joe's comment. I really need an mp3 of this performance. That way, I can play it on repeat and jam instead of playing this video over and over and over...