Cee-Lo’s ‘F**k You’ Gets An Acapella Makeover

Instead of listening to the insidious radio edit of Cee-Lo's amazing new single, edited to "Forget You," we should all support the bitter, biting original in all of its forms. Take, for example, this a capella version performed by Brown University's singing troupe The Jabberwocks. (They do edit out the only word more inflammatory than f**k: n***a. Also: I hope to set the record for most asterisks ever used in a post on SoulBounce.) "F**k You" is all about delivery and these cats do a decent job. There are no censoring devices in the video, though, so turn down the volume if necessary. [H/T: IDOL]

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3 Responses

  1. I never get tired of that song...they did a good job!

  2. Love love love Cee-lo! I just wonder why 10 Nickels decided that he could add something to this wonderfully conceived and executed tune.


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