Chrisette Michele Shines Like The ‘Star’ She Is

Say what you want about singer Chrisette Michele, but you definitely can't say she's not a hard worker. After dropping two albums in as many years and constantly staying on the road, it seems as if the singing beauty has no plans of slowing down just yet thanks to the release of her latest single, "I'm A Star." The lead single from her upcoming, yet-to-be-named third album, sticks close to the formula that has made her a hit with fans, especially the ones of the female persuasion. Cue mid-tempo, empowering, shake off the haters/man/problems here. Not that that's a bad thing. At a time when so many artists are content to consistently suck, it's nice to hear from one who knows how to consistently get it right.

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  1. It's not bad, though me can see some fans who liked her first album being a little estranged because it may feel like L.A. Reid and Ne-Yo are trying to turn her into a pop star to make a quick buck.
    Hoping she and this single does good!

  2. I agree with oldskoolsista even though I did enjoy her last Cd it was a little more on the pop side than her debut.

  3. I absolutely love her! This song was just ok to me...but maybe it'll grow on me

  4. eh...not feeling's lacking something...liked her style better on her first album..this should be a Rihanna song.

  5. LA Reid is continuing to suck the life out of her. You can't take a creative person who co wrote her entire debut and the reduce her to a studio puppet.

  6. The song is ok just because she is great and I absolutel love her 🙂 But her image is gradually changing I hope they know what they're doing

  7. Yep, Deon said it..
    Didn't even feel like listening to the whole thing. Not horrible but not the Chrisette we all fell in love with.

  8. I know that artists change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But I don't know if I fancy her becoming this "star" so early in her career. I do agree with alot of the posters that LA Reid is tuning her sound more to his and the label's tastes, but maybe this is just a single to get non-stans to listen to her and buy the music. (Wo)Man cannot live on bread (or in this case, thousands of OLD but devoted fans) alone.
    Here's to hoping there's better in store for this new album.

  9. She has a real genius but she seems to visibly struggle to find her place in "The Market". I'd have thought they would capitalize on her difference rather than make her fit into what's current. The song is so-so.


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