Corinne Bailey Rae Makes Us Feel The ‘Love’

What are the chances that in the span of two weeks two artists who I love would cover the same song by one of my favorite singers of all time? Well, if you're Corinne Bailey Rae and Bilal, those chances are high since both chose to remake the Bob Marley classic "Is This Love" with their own signature flavor and winning results. Bilal's cover was an offering as eclectic and different as he is. Corinne's version also takes a break from the sunshine-drenched reggae vibe of Marley's original and transforms "Is This Love" into a sultry, slow and soulful groove. It has a throwback feel without sounding dated and unoriginal. Words cannot express how much I am loving her beguiling spin on this. Listen and love it for yourself below, and don't miss the free download courtesy of our good friends at Giant Step.

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5 Responses

  1. This just made my day.

  2. Total win from the first note. Beautiful take on this song.Then again, Corrine can't do much wrong in my book. I'm in love with her voice.

  3. Corrine is just taking things to a whole new level. I was a fan from the beginning, but this joint + The Sea have officially put her in that tiny corner of my musical soul so far only open to the likes of MJ, Prince, Badu, and Jill. LOVING her!