El DeBarge Looks Dashing On The Cover Of Ebony

Dashing is not a word that I use to describe the way men look and carry themselves a lot these days. What with so many of them dipped in white tees, sagging pants, bedazzled jackets, skinny jeans or any myriad of hip-hop or hipster stylings, that's the last word that comes to mind. However, there are those who recognize the power of a well-tailored suit, proper grooming and putting a grown-man look together--and the power it has over us ladies. Case in point, El DeBarge who looks like a dream realized on the cover of the October issue of Ebony. He is every bit of handsome in this photograph, channeling soul singers of yesteryear but with his own sexy twist. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this might just be the best that El has ever looked. At 49 years young, he has aged like a fine wine, even if his journey to this place hasn't been a smooth one. And you'll be able to read all about it in Ebony's exclusive interview with the crooner on the eve of the release of his new album, Second Chance. Make sure to peep a larger image of El on the cover of Ebony after the bounce. 


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3 Responses

  1. El looks great! i was just asking someone about him the other night. I am pleasantly surprised and pleased to know he's on the cover of Ebony this month and can't wait to read the article. Kudos Ebony!

  2. El looks like Duke Ellington. Nice.

  3. I love the upcoming Ebony magazine with El on the cover he is sooooo hawt I hope to meet him in person one day,OMG El is beautiful after all these years he is like a fine wine he gets better with age