Experience A Heatwave On The Next Episode Of ‘UnSung’

TV One has seriously raised the bar with this new season of UnSung. The Teddy Pendergrass and Tammi Terrell episodes have been some of the best television I've watched all year, and if I were a betting woman I'd put money on the next episode featuring disco/funk band Heatwave, who brought us the hits "Boogie Nights" and "Always and Forever," being just as good. Even this brief video preview of the show that will premiere next week has me intrigued and taught me more about the band than I knew before I watched it. See for yourself as some band members discuss Rod Temperton and the songs that he ended up selling to Michael Jackson that were originally offered to Heatwave. That might not have been a smart move on their part, but it would be quite a good look for you to tune into TV One on Monday, September 27th to see the rest of Heatwave's UnSung.

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3 Responses

  1. Rod Temperton is one of the funkiest white guys out there!

  2. I've watched that trailer 3 times and all i keep saying to myself is "How do you say 'no' to 'Rock With You'?!?" As a vocalist myself, I'm almost offended! LOL!!! I'm DEFINITELY checking this!!! Thanx for the heads up!

  3. @Songboy3 My thoughts exactly. I think I'll watch just to find out what was going through his head when he passed that one up. I know we all have different tastes but "Rock With You" is one of those songs I can't imagine someone not liking.