‘Love Me’ Some Tone Trezure

I see that quizzical look on your face, and you may, in fact, be asking yourself the same question that is plastered on the graphic above. In the event that the name Tone Trezure is unfamiliar, her work may not be once you check out the long list of artists who she's worked with including Erykah Badu, Strange Fruit Project, Bilal and Snoop Dogg, to name a few lest we be here all day. Her resume and credits aside, it's her own music that I'm all about right now. Earlier this year Tone dropped a hip hop soul bomb on the EP, My Destiny, and now she's dug in her crates to collect some of her past recordings on a second EP, The Lost Remnants of Tone Trezure. Her voice commands your attention on tracks such as the gritty "Love Me," where she implores her lover to simply love her for her. I'm in awe that this music was somewhere sitting on a hard drive gathering dust when it murders most everything that's on the radio right now. Thank goodness that Tone let these treasures loose--for free download no less--for us to enjoy. 

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! Reminds me of early Missy Elliott. Downloading now.

  2. She really kills. Thank you for posting and for the free download!