Mike Tyson & Wayne Brady Miss No Steps In This Comedy Spoof

I must've thought I was hallucinating when I saw a photo of Mike Tyson a couple of weeks ago on Twitter with a caption referring to him making a remake of Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" for Funny Or Die. At least I thought I was until five minutes ago when I viewed the actual clip starring Mike and Wayne Brady trading off verses to a pretty spot-on remake of the original classic video. Two observations: Wayne Brady is a great dancer, even at our age when those '80s aerobic dance moves can result in a hospital admission and Mike Tyson can't dance and when he tries, it looks as though he's boxing with an imaginary opponent. Of course, a fluffier Bobby makes an appearance, which certainly makes me feel much older, but all-in-all it's a great spoof. Thank goodness biker shorts are no longer fashionable.

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6 Responses

  1. FUN- E
    I love how they had fun on this. Kudos to all them not being embarassed to show how old they are. I am a Wayne Brady fan since that Dave Chapelle skit. Best skit ever

  2. Saw it earlier this morning and Mike Tyson slayed me with his dance moves! He made my day.

  3. So glad you posted this...i was dying this morning on Facebook! I have to admit...mike looks like he had fun doing it!
    Although the spandex portion made me think of a Bishop Eddie LongStroke lovefest...

  4. wow, first time seeing this . that was funny and yes it does tell our age. I bet those were the same girls from the original video, and i bet Bobby is still driving a 560 SCC too.

  5. Wayne Brady is just great in this... This took me right back to my living room.. doing the Bobby Brown .. Every little step dance.. Mike Tyson has a great sense of humor if he can represent like this.. Loves this!

  6. OMG:-) O-M-G:-) this is a great way to start my morning. LMAO