Remember When You Were Nine Years Old? The Willow Smith Edition.

Here's pre-teen Willow Smith putting all other pre-teens on notice. Granted, virtually no one has the type of pedigree she has and having almost no worries because your parents are mega-wealthy superstars enables a certain level of fearlessness and self-assuredness, but come on. She's nine?! I'm sure many of us know far too many grown folks with less effortless composure and charisma. Behold as Ryan Seacrest and Jay-Z, who just signed young Willow to his Roc Nation label, fail to adequately articulate the "it" factor radiating from her in abundance.

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5 Responses

  1. her parents, her mother especially, are doing a great job raising her. HOWEVER, the bit about behind behind in math because she's not in school like everyone else rubbed me the wrong way. she's only 9, plenty of time to tour the world later. she needs to learn her multiplication tables!

  2. I was wondering if she was named after that old Ron Howard movie.

  3. It factor?
    It's called entitlement that comes with great privilege.

  4. i agree with mizz's comments. that bit about math made my jaw drop a little. did i hear correctly when she said the tutor is around but she never really does the work b/c she's 'working'?!
    i won't lie, the song was contagious first time i heard it. but get your math skills up sweetie. remember: Industry Rule #4080 .... (yeah, i know she's under jay's wing right now, but still)

  5. DITTO WHAT MIZZ SAID... she so beautiful, talented & intelligent but i think they should slow up so she can just be a child & make sure her education doesn't suffer...a lot of the photography promoting this new single is disturbingly provocative for a child as well... what's the world coming to when we have to market our children??


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