Slakah The Beatchild Hits His ‘B-Boy’ Stance

Slakah the Beatchild breaks us off with one more single and video from his 2008 album, Soul Movement Vol. 1, before he laces us with something new later this month. Sure, "B-Boy Beef" may be a couple years old, but good music is timeless and this video breathes life into the track. Set in a party filled with beautiful people and breakers, I think I even saw Slakah bust a move while getting his rap and sing on. While we bounce to this, the multi-talented Beatchild is scheduled to drop an EP, Something Forever, soon and has another album from his alter ego, The Slakadeliqs, on the way entitled The Other Side of Tomorrow. If you know like I know, then you'll cop these new projects from Slakah with the quickness when they're released. [H/T: BLS]


1 Response

  1. I am definitely of a fan of Slakah and Ayah.... I've been slacking, but I will be coppin' their albums soon. The soul movement is still alive.


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