Slide Down Muhsinah’s Ladders & Shout ‘Yiy’

Remember how back in the day a Peter Gabriel video used to be an event in stop motion animation? Muhsinah has certainly made a name for herself musically as well as her videos being creative events in themselves. Her latest video "Yiy" from her two-year-old Daybreak 2.0 release was wonderfully directed by South African Phetogo Tshepo Mahasha. I love everything about this video, especially the notion of human-robot hybrids and how organic they seem to look against the backdrop of adobe & blistered clay. I am also especially loving the wink to childhood game Chutes & Ladders. Get your futuristic on after you press play. Want to see how this video was made? Check after the bounce.

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  1. Love Muhsinah and everything she does so no complaints here, 2 thumbs up