The Beauty The Floacist & Musiq Soulchild Created Is ‘Forever’

I cannot stop listening to this song. Seriously, I just haven't been able to take The Floacist and Musiq Soulchild's "Forever" off repeat. This pairing seems like it has already taken place on some other track that my mind can't seem to find in my iTunes library but no matter. "Forever" is the first song to be released from The Floacist's Floetic Soul due to be released November 9th. That's right, folks. Add this album to the ever evolving list of purchases you'll need to cop this fall. In the meantime, try not to listen to this more than once. I dare you. 

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7 Responses

  1. Mellow groove. Could wind up on one of my "slow grind" cds.

  2. loving it... can't say the same for Marsha's "I wish she cheats on you with a basketball player" though!

  3. What a way to rep for us spoken-word artists! I really dig it and look forward to copping her new CD in November.

  4. awwwwh This is beautiful full of love and respect for passion thank you Indigo for turning me on to them love you *_*

  5. these two wonderful singers are sounding good togeather,very nice ,I love it

  6. Her voice does and has ALWAYS done something fabulous to me. I am waiting on pins & needles for this album to drop. She is...

  7. This is beautiful song....I hop this song get her back in the game.


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