‘Trust’ Us: D’Angelo Gets Primal With Mark Ronson

I like a lot of different kinds of music. Music that I don't even write about on SoulBounce. I knew from the description of "Glass Mountain Trust," Mark Ronson's track with D'Angelo from Mark's newest Record Collection--which you can stream here--that it would be interesting to say the least. After all, this track's title was a bit of a miscommunication error between Mark and D'Angelo resulting with D'Angelo penning lyrics to match the track's title. Now that I've heard it, however, I'm confused. I mean, is this D'Angelo? If it is, why does he sound like Evil Ron Isley? Is that how Mr. Big sounded after he returned from the desert after discovering his wife was in love with R. Kelly? Or is that Cee-Lo after he comes off a bender? I'm just really confused. In any case, feel free to postulate your own theory on whatever this is after you press play below. [H/T: SC]

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  1. I don't know what to say. You can just about make out that it is D'angelo. Maybe its a grower but not at the moment for me. I hope this is not the sort of vocals I will hear on D'angelo's new album

  2. i kinda like this...but if he comes out with a new cd where he sounds like this on every track imma be pissed

  3. Dear God, you know I'm as strange as it gets when it comes to my music but please please please dont let this be a sign of things to come from D'angelo. We have plenty of electric space digital whateveryoucallit out there. We just need D'angelo to be what he's always been, Amen.

  4. I'm all for artist growing in different directions exploring new sounds and all that... but this is some buhhsh...

  5. I like it. But I need more proof that the man singing on this song is actually D'Angelo.

  6. Yeah, it's different. You can hear the way he used to harmonize in the back so I think it is him. I think we're all so stuck on his classic "Brown Sugar" and "Voodoo" material and every other collaborative song he's done prior to his disappearance from the scene that we don't know what to expect from him as he comes back. I think a big part of us wants that ol' thing back and I'm just as guilty. But that's what art is. It stretches, it pushes limits, it redefines boundaries... sometimes we don't like. At times, it grows on us. Others, we just never end up accepting it. Who knows... I'm gonna wait and just hope that whatever he comes out with is true to him and not a bunch of other people's opinions chiming in on what they feel is best for him, when HE's the one that gave the best of himself back in the day that had such a significant impact in all of our lives. If anything should be being whispered in his ear during this time by people around him, it should be "You do you...

  7. He not being mainstream yall gotta understand that marvin gaye wasnt his only influence growning up it was also Prince and Jimi Hendrix that what this track sounds like

  8. All right not That was hand full...I'm still try think....,now who did say you that was said that was D'Angelo singing.
    I love when artist try to do different music ... but when people have not heard music from you in over 8 or 10 year's.
    It would best to stick music that you are known to do.
    If you do not believe me...Ask Sade !

  9.'s different. But I really don't want Brown Sugar or Voodoo 2 if and when Nevuary (the month when D's album will be released) comes. I like it when artists grow, even if that means I don't like everything they do (Bilal, Van Hunt, etc.). I'll have to listen to this a few more times to see how it hits me. But I agree with other posters that I wouldn't want a D'Angelo album full of this type of music.

  10. ..this is dope. yeah, its not typical D but if you know what he is capable of and what Mark's vibe has been as of late then this is not at all surprising.. not the greatest thing ever but solid, refreshing. good to hear DAngelo getting loose. Mark Ronson has another good song out w/ Ghostface called 'Lose It' that has a similar vibe to this.. Peace.

  11. This is great art. Thanks D!

  12. I can dig it. Just D'lo gettin a little FREEky wit it. Remember, this is not HIS album, but I'm expecting the unexpected when it gets here!

  13. Um... no. that's all I have to say about it.

  14. I think the landscape of music in general will improve drastically when we remove our expectations of what an artist should create. We say we want honest music but when an artist creates something outside of the realm of our expectations, we want to put them back in the box of what they've done previously.
    Case in point: Mary J. Most of the comments applauded the return to her "My Life sound", but I'd prefer artists be allowed the freedom to create what is true to them at that time, and if it resonates with me cool. If not that's cool too. Different strokes for different folks.
    I'm not really feeling this either, btw, but whatever, it's still good to know D is creating again and I'll check for whatever he puts out. No expectations. If I like it I'll buy it. Simple as that!

  15. i love Brown Sugar but wouldn't say Im a big D'Angelo fan...This track doesnt work for me musically, vocally, nor lyrically.

  16. I am in like with this track! It's like freaky rock music, but D sound like his autotunes machine is broken. Is this a taste of the new D'Angelo sound...?

  17. I love it. There's a new artist I can't wait to introduce the world to that has a sound that is in this vein. This is hot

  18. I dig it. D'Angelo is the type of cat who isn't scared to jump ship and try something out. He's even said that he's been knockin' Gnarls Barkley lately. This may be a taste of his new sound. And if it is I'm for for it. I know some old D will be in there somewhere. As long as I hear some layered bad-ass ad-libs we straight, lol. But for real, thumbs up.

  19. I like it, too. It's fonky.

  20. this track is decent, it works in the context of the album, only the chorus is a bit weak, he repeats one phrase all the time basically, d' can do a little better... but then again it is probably done to emphasize the lyrics, i don't really hear any cee-lo influence on this, d's phrasing and weird stressing of unaccented syllables is still very unique, especially on the second verse... it's a 180 degree departure and he still made it work

  21. I think this song is dope. If it WERE Cee Lo, it would be one of the better songs he's done in awhile. Y'all are just holding D' to the Sade standard because he's taking a decade to drop.
    If this is D's new direction, I admit that I'll be a little nostalgic for the smooth Voodoo style shit. But, this is good.

  22. umm, yeah...i'm sticking to the classics for now. this left & right remix is banging!

  23. umm, yeah...i'm sticking to the classics for now. this left & right remix is banging!

  24. I'm gonna say this much (and this is brought forth with the utmost respect). If you know your music, your funk, your rock, (Funkadelic, Frank Zappa, etc.,), then you'll totally get where he's going with this joint. They did it to him on Voodoo..the criticism of what he was doing musically on that album and the lo-fi sound quality as opposed to Brown Sugar. People wanted Brown Sugar part.2 and got an album that sounded a bit too abstract to them. Yet, the album did well and set the stage for his new live experience that really showcased the strength of his musicianship. People know him more for that video off of Voodoo than the album itself. People want smooth soul singer D'Angelo, not Afro Punk, experimental D'Angelo. He's about to go somewhere else musically and either heads are gonna follow him or not. I'm gonna follow him 'cause i know what this brother can do. And again y'all, this is brought forth with the ultimate respect to you. Check for Dwele if you want that "Ultra Soul" (his album W.ants W.orld W.omen is easily the best soul album of 2010). D'Angelo is about to give us something new and different..