Willow Smith Whips It Good

Aside from her parents' penchant for giving the paparazzi an example of the richest, happiest Black couple in recent memory, all I knew of Willow Smith was that her mother allowed her to get a mohawk and dress in ways I could only dream of as a child. Given Jada Pinkett Smith's disastrous foray into music, my mind was already recoiling in horror as I imagined what her daughter would have to offer us in that department. But as many of you have already found out, "Whip My Hair" is the lick. It singlehandedly smashes anything Rihanna may have released in the past year without the shameful aftertaste of trying to like something that someone who shamelessly opens her legs ad nauseum on stages around the world has produced. Granted, this is the first thing we've heard from nine-year-old Willow, but I'm definitely loving it so far. Whip you some after you press play.

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  1. Jada's 'disastorus' forray into music? Is that just because you aren't into alternative music? She was good at it...and helping to push the envelope for women of color in that genre.

  2. I'm amused by the praise this song is getting. Had this been released by any of the girls that were supposedly "slayed" by Willow, folks would not be up in arms. This is a standard 2010-esque song that is all production wizardry and not much of anything else.
    We should not confuse her parents (debatable) greatness for Willow's own. This is a pleasant, derivative trifle. Nothing more, nothing less. And that, in and of itself, is worth noting alone

  3. @Narsha: I can't speak for ill Mami here, but I agree with her. We're into good music that is pleasing to our ears regardless of the genre. Wicked Wisdom and all that screaming that Jada tried to pass off as singing sounded a hot friggin mess. If you're a fan of that, more power to you.

  4. Yes, Butta, you are absolutely speaking for me. And I like alternative music, lots of it, especially based upon all the alternative music I write about on this very site LOL

  5. I enjoy. Very catchy. I

  6. Wow! I'm impressed. Go Willow!

  7. Willow killed it with this one! Wow only nine years old and better than alot of the pop singers i've heard lately.

  8. I have to say that I like this joint and for a nine year old, it's pretty impressive.

  9. I'm unashamed to say I've been wearing this song out since yesterday afternoon. While it's very age-appropriate lyrically, Willow sings it in a way that anyone can identify with. Apparently, confidence is in genes too.

  10. I'm kinda with Narsha on this one. Being a huge Metal fan (as much as I am a Soul Music fan), I realize that the genre isn't for everyone, but acreaming was the point. There are other females in metal with those guttural vocals (albeit they do it MUCH better than Jada does). Much of metal is lot more sophisticated than other music and requires a heck of a lot of chops to play. Having said that, I understand the disapproval of Jada throwing her hat and that ring.
    As for the song you posted, it's nothing different from what Rihanna would do. I think it's getting the hype right now because it's Rihanna-ish without it actually being her.

  11. Willow Smith really knows the way to work the camera. Her dance on the video for Whip My Hair was extremely amazing. These other little girls in this industry need to take notes from Willow Smith and get their act up. Competition is coming up!