Cee-Lo To ‘Lay It Down’ With Lil Jon Tonight On Fuse TV

Frankly, I'm convinced that there is nothing Cee-Lo can't do. He is an entertainment dynamo. With his new gig on Fuse TV as host of the show Lay It Down, which debuted last week, proves yet another miracle in Cee-Lo's bag of tricks. Tonight's guest is King of Crunk Lil Jon, who not only speaks English when conversing with Cee-Lo, but is actually very articulate (and brings to mind that hilarious Dave Chappelle skit). This was surprising to me coming from the man whose main vocabulary on his songs consisted of "Yeah!," "What?" and "Okay!" Check out some clips below and after the bounce from tonight's interview where Green gets his Barbara Walters on, asking Lil Jon about what inspires him to what his plans are for the future. While the rapport between the two is engaging and you immediately understand that they are boys from way back when, the conversation in the clips has a tendency to stay mired in the mundane. One example of this you will find in video two when Lil Jon breaks it down for the amateurs explaining that "Get Low" was his interpretation of how a woman dances in the club, declaring that "women like to be told what to do in the club." Oh really? Alrighty then.

Perhaps there will be more meat to that conversation if you check out the whole show tonight when it premieres at 11 pm EST. While I'm a fan of Cee-Lo, I may skip this episode since I'm personally looking forward to upcoming interviews with the legendary Public Enemy and his homies Goodie Mob. At any rate, while I am proud and happy for his achievements, my unsolicited advice to Cee-Lo is to try not to burn out and take on any more major projects while promoting your new album because we want to make sure that above all else that great music keeps a-coming. 

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