‘Do Your Thing’ With Rhonda Thomas

It can be pretty easy for an artist to ruin a perfectly good thing when they attempt to remake a
classic song. While every once and a while an artist may get it right, far too often they can end
up failing miserably when their lofty attempts exceed their actual talent levels. Well, Atlanta-based vocalist Rhonda Thomas can be counted in small group of worthy remakes as she tackles Isaac
' classic tune, "Do Your Thing," from her freshly released album, Listen. Her powerful voice comfortably rides the funky wave of
goodness on this 1972 tune. While no one will ever do it better than Black Moses, Thomas's
solid take definitely does him justice.

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1 Response

  1. Rhonda gave it the ol' college try, but as far as remakes of Ike's "Do Your Thing", nothing touches Lynn Collins and the JB's version. Nothing.


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