I’mma Let Kanye Finish If He Promises Not To Do This Again

Kanye-Banned-closeup.jpgI'm not going to pretend to know what the hell is going on in Kanye West's mind. I do know that he tweeted the banned image of this album cover yesterday that Roc A Fella/Def Jam rejected of what he described as a depiction of him and his "phoenix" (full image after the bounce). Apparently, the phoenix in question refers to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a film set to be released in the next week or so, which will also coincide with the release of the album of the same name that will be released November 22nd. Current flame Selita Ebanks plays the role of the phoenix but this "phoenix" looks more Amber Rose than Selita to me. I still have no idea nor do I think I want to know about the angry mouth in the armpit of said phoenix. That looks as though it's something that Secret can't cure. The jury is still out as to whether Kanye's record sales would have faltered if such nudity and questionable images would have been allowed to be sold at the Walmarts and Targets of this world, but something tells me everybody would have still bought it anyway, moreso if the banned image would have been allowed. For those interested, the rumored cover art is also after the bounce. Take a look at both and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Banned cover
Banned Kanye cover.jpeg

Rumored coverKanye-West-My-Beautiful-Dark-Twisted-Fantasy-1.jpeg

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13 Responses

  1. I'll pass on both covers, thank you very much.

  2. I've watched enough Law & Order shows to draw a conclusion that Kanye was molested or he killed animals as a child........either way dude is either borderline closet homo or borderline psycho:-)

  3. I'll pass on this album. Not even worth the bandwidth to download it. The more units he sells the bigger his ego gets.

  4. Honestly, Kanye wins again. The reaction to the cover says more about the people responding than it does about him. While it the beauty or ugliness (depending on your perspective) may be debatable, Kanye is a lot smarter than most realize. He just tends to do dumb ish from time to time. This, however, isn't one of those.
    What I find fascinating is that this type of album cover, while a par for the course in the history of rock music, is a rarity in the world of hip-hop. I thought rap, including album covers, at their best, is supposed to ruffle feathers. Let's just hope that the music on his album is worth all of this press and buzz.

  5. Stephon, you put a lot of energy into your assessment. I, for one am too busy to concern myself that deeply. Art is subjective & my opinion is Kanye is good on the mic but that is about it and I will not be supporting his project.
    stoneyisland, someone touched him, they have had too.

  6. Ha! Ha! Look at you clowns. Once again Ye has a set a trap and ya'll fell RIGHT in. He does shit to make people talk about it and it worked. Again.

  7. i couldnt agree with you more...if anyone cares what i have to say you can click my name on this comment post 🙂

  8. I absolutely love Kanye, his gigantic ego and all. He's one of the smartest dudes to come out of the hip hop era. He has truly manipulated and played the media better than any entertainer I know. He does this because he can, because he's Ye and because he's a musical genius.

  9. That boy ain't been right in the head since his mama passed.

  10. To all you Kanye stand who think he is some how manipulating the media are we talking about the same douche bag who damn near cried on Leno, wears women blouses (no homo) and basically kissed that white girls ass after he made an ass of himself at the MTV award show? manipulating the media? more like him manipulating u suckers who worship him:-) all hail Kanye king of the fools......

  11. LOL @ stoneyisland...
    I have to say that I also believe Ye to be a borderline psycho & "closet homo" but let's keep note of the clear difference between psycho, homo & being molested. Sexual abuse is not an exclusive criteria for 'the gay'.
    That said, Kanye is Grade A, certified, proof positive...CRAZY.. And for those who think he's a musical genius (???), that's also different from being a PR/strategic genius. He may be a lot of things but just because he can drum-up national controversy doesn't make him a great musician, alone. Using that logic-President Obama, Ann Coulter & Bin Laden are also "musical geniuses". Yet none of us would agree on that.

  12. LOL! I love that the tags for this are "attention whore" and "crazy deranged".


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