Michael Jackson’s ‘Vision’ Will Arrive Just In Time for Christmas

Truthfully, I can't get enough of the memorabilia and nostalgic items that have been foisted on us in the wake of the death of the greatest entertainer to have ever lived. So, not surprisingly, I'm looking forward to the November 22nd release of Michael Jackson's Vision, a DVD compilation of the entire library of short films and music videos produced by Michael Jackson during his career as a solo artist. This box-set will contain, not one, not two, but over four hours of video--equaling more than 40 videos--including 10 videos previously unavailable on DVD. One of the videos in the set is the previously unreleased video to the 2003 single written by R. Kelly, "One More Chance," from MJ's Number Ones compilation. Very few entertainers can attest to working with some of the top-notch directors in Hollywood for their music videos. MJ collaborated with everyone from Spike Lee and John Singleton to Martin Scorsese for his ground-breaking music videos that have spanned over two decades. The DVD will include the full-length versions of the John Landis-directed
"Thriller" and "Black or White" as well as "Ghosts," his rarely-seen collaboration with special effects legend Stan
. To promote it, his estate put together the vid below, which highlights some of the work we are most familiar with. I will bet this will be the gift found under many Christmas trees this year. It'll be under mine for sure.

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6 Responses

  1. Maaaaaaaaan...that won't even make it under the Christmas tree! that is a early Christmas gift, if ever there was one, lol...

  2. Michael!!!! Sorry I get hyped sometimes...
    40 hours of video? I will be enjoying this in surround sound during the holidays for sure. I won't ever get enough of MJ.

  3. Brill I can't wait...MJ still is a legend.

  4. Number 2 on my Xmas list.
    My neighbors will go crazy with my MJ marathon!

  5. I will be getting this as well! It's amazing how much he looked like Janet in the last shot with him in the red shirt sitting behind the camera. Their smiles are almost identical! Man...I miss Mike...


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