Szjerdene Leads ‘The Way’

I've certainly been keeping a watchful eye on UK chanteuse Szjerdene for quite some time now and have been eagerly waiting to see when her debut album finally hits cyber shelves. "Lead The Way" is a perfect song with which to showcase a voice that at once is hers yet seems larger than the body it is housed within. Co-written by Robin Hannibal of Quadron, Szjerdene can be seen rehearsing for PinBoard's "Remedy Rehearsal Rooms." After watching this, I'm all too ready to take advantage of any airline sales allowing me to make my own debut across the pond. [H/T: PBB]

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  1. she similar to Joss Stone in that she does WAAAAAAAAY to many runs for me to really hear HER. she's beautiful tho.