V Shares A Delightful ‘Fantasy’

SoulBounce is proud to present the world premiere of "Fantasy," the brand new single from singer/songwriter Valvin Roane aka V. "Fantasy" fulfills all of ours as we get to hear new music from the man who had us all caught up in his rapture when he released The Revelation Is Now Televised in 2006. V tells a passionate tale about meeting someone and turning your fantasies about them into a reality. Joined on the track by emcee Neko King, we'll get to hear more from V when his third album, Formation, is released in early 2011. But you don't have to wait until next year to get this exclusive into your hands, however. V is making this song available as a free download as a thank you to all of his fans who've supported him through the years. Who doesn't love free musical tokens of affection? We sure do, and we're sure you'll enjoy this SoulBounce-approved slice of R&B goodness. 

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks!! I love his previous albums.

  2. Hey everybody! On behalf of V (& myself), I'd like to send a massive shout out to the SoulBounce family. Thank you for your support of Fantasy. In one day, the response has been overwhelming and V is elated! Thank you to all who have supported his music since The Revelation Is Now Televised! Stay tuned for Formation -- he's promised to bring the HEAT!

  3. I enjoyed V's last album, but this sounds like it could have come out 10 years ago. To me that shows that there has been no creative growth. Furthermore, it sounds like an outtake from an old Musiq Soulchild album. Nothing original here, and the MC doesn't add anything in the latter portion. This isn't bad music, just boring.

  4. I've enjoyed the majority of V's body of work and this song is no exception. Rather than the critique of the the previous commenter, this is actually a progressive song for V and sounds unlike anything else he's previously released. It may not be original in terms of ever being done before in the history of R&B but it's rare that V displays his talent over more up tempo tracks let alone allow a relative industry unknown to drop some lyrics on as well.


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