Which DJ Will Ultimately Be ‘Master Of The Mix’?

Billed as "8 Episodes. 7 DJs. 1 Master." Master Of The Mix is a new reality show pitting some of the world's best DJs against each other that will soon be airing on Centric. Featuring DJ Mars, DJ Rap, DJ Revolution, DJ Scratch, Jazzy Joyce, Rich Medina and Vikter Duplaix competing for the ultimate prize, this show promises to be a must-see for anyone who loves and respects those who have earned the skills and respect required to call themselves a DJ. Hosted by Just Blaze and judged by the legendary Kid Capri, yes, this reality show was shot this past summer in Los Angeles but no I do not know if there will be any fighting or watermelons to the face. I highly doubt it. It will be interesting to see who wins since two of my friends are actually competing against each other but, hey, business is never personal. Make sure you tune in on November 3rd at 10:30PM for the premiere and every Wednesday thereafter for what promises to be chock full of special guest judges and serious showcases of mixmastery.

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3 Responses

  1. wow! taking it back to the essence when a turntable was an important element in being a DJ. this should be interesting

  2. It's great to see that an art form of which am a part of get some shine, finally. But seriously all these folks are already established in the game and have been for years. So what's the purpose. The show would have been better if there was a better mixture, let's say 75% to 25% new talent to established talent or simply they could have gone the way of project runway. This is gonna be a yawn, all these guys are already slayers with the turntables.

  3. Nobody can compete with DJ Revolution.
    Competition is done. 🙂