Body Language Has Us ‘Falling Out’

Just go ahead and file this under music that completely passed me by. Now that I am more acquainted with Body Language, however, I must say that I am a bit irked that I wasn't hipped to their sound earlier. Their four-track EP, Social Studies, is certainly laced with the type of vibe that I like--uptempo disco and difficult-to-classify, free-flowing danceable grooves--but there's one song in particular that has kept my attention since I first heard it. "Falling Out" is the type of track that I want to hear when I have planned a late evening complete with great music at a great spot with a great drink in hand. Get a taste for some more Body Language via their Bandcamp page. 

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3 Responses

  1. Sounds like some funky Remy Shand. Niiiice.

  2. Where can I buy this?

  3. prior to this, the one Body Language song I kept coming back to was "Work This City," another one of those sleek, disco numbers where subtlety in the rhythm was key. it's safe to say that it has been replaced by "Falling Out." this entire E.P. is really good...