Dear Quincy Jones: Stop The Madness

Legendary producer Quincy Jones has done it again. No, he hasn't crafted the second coming of "Thriller," but quite the contrary. Released last week, his newest tribute project, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, sees younger artists revisiting gems from his stellar production catalog. A follow-up to 1995's brilliant Q's Jook Joint sounds bombastic in theory, yes? Well, idea and execution are, sadly, two different things. Despite the high points on the new disc (BeBe Winans, Jennifer Hudson), the man's good judgment was apparently buried with Michael Jackson, and what remains is an old guy with a sharpening knack for musical missteps.
He recently sat down with US Magazine for a brief interview. He is certain Michael would not have wanted any of this new music released, called Kanye West "just a rapper," blah blah blah. Fine. Whatever. Here's the most important question:

Us: Is there anyone now that you think has the spark that Michael did? 

QJ: Akon, Ludacris or Usher.

Sir. Let me pull out these chairs for you so you can have three seats. Maybe the prune juice was spiked? Maybe there's booger sugar in play? Comparing Akon, the musical bedbug, to the King is borderline blasphemous and indicative of a larger issue. Putting a '90's bounce beat over a remake of "Secret Garden" was also a sign of impending lunacy. And then: "We Are The World 25." It's over. Quincy, you have seven kids and a million friends. You're out here approving remakes all willy-nilly. Naw, Grandpa. Get help. Stop the madness.

"EXCLUSIVE: Quincy Jones: Lady Gaga is 'Madonna, Jr.'" [US]

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13 Responses

  1. Now I have to agree with the writer's opinion on this one. The original songs from Soul Bossa Nostra were CLASSICS and if someone WERE to have the balls to remake ANY of these songs ought to be able to at LEAST make a concerted effort to do it some justice. Putting Robin Thicke on PYT would actually have been fine, but to add T-Pain to the track is just blasphemous and a all-around damn shame.
    What he SHOULD have tried to do with this album, if he were going to do remakes, then go get the cats who would have done this album some justice. Ginuwine, Ruben Studdard, Aaron Hall, Tyrese, Tank, Jaheim, R.L., etc. Hell, he could have had New Kids On The Block do "Secret Garden" and they would have done a WAY better job!
    The music industry is going to hell and it's not about the music anymore. It's whomever attracts the most money. And unfortunately, the moneymakers in the industry now are all on some other shit.

  2. Yep, it's sounding like Quincy has lost touch with quality, if not reality. I'm quite disappointed in the roster he has on this new album and the statements he's making in this interview? Have a seat, indeed.

  3. Pray for my Daddy.

  4. Quincy has that mad cow disease................................nothing sadder than a angry ass old man way past his prime living in the past like he's some creator of music. QJ take your old decrepit ass to a beach somewhere and enjoy the time you have remaining in life. A man your age should be bouncing his great grandkids on his lap not getting in discussions about that douche kanye:-)

  5. I am thoroughly convinced that Quincy is suffering from dementia. That brotha has been trippin' with no luggage.

  6. We should be thankful that he didn't put Rihanna or Nicki Minaj on any of these tracks......That would have been the ultimate sign that QJ had indeed lost his mind!!!!!
    I so wanted to buy this album and hearing Jennifer's take of "You put a move on my Heart" had me hopeful about buying it. I've heard nothing but bad reviews about this project. At first I thought it was the purists upset that Q would even let the youth even take their hand at such classics and no matter how well of a job they done, they would still be lambasted because of the power and artistry of the originals. And even though Q did pick artists who are popular in the game right now, its obvious that they don't have the respect to not only bring something new to the original track, but still keep its integrity. But then, maybe they did and we're the ones missing the mark.
    I know before I heard the Verve remixed series, I wouldn't have gone near anything jazz like with a 100 foot pole. But that series opened my ears up to seek out the original recordings that the purists were speaking of and I now have an appreciation for what came before and what came after. I'm hoping that's what Q and the gang's intentions were when deciding to record this project. If one person goes out and discovers the original piece of music, then maybe all is not lost; though the way might have been smoother had Q thought out his roster a little more.

  7. I'm not feeling the ageist comments but agree that it's probably time for Q to 'rest on his laurels'. He has created such an amazing legacy, nothing else is necessary. BTW, the current state of "the music industry" and its "artists" is proof aging isn't synonymous with dementia; it occurs in the very young as well.

  8. i had high hopes for this cd as well and was greatly disappointed. The only song that sounds good is the Mary J Blige remake and the Bebe and Cece Winan, all the others should have been on the cutting room floor. When a remake is done, if it is not going to be exactly like the original or at least close to the original, it will end up being a mess. He needs to redo this cd because it gets a F for fail. And the industry wonders why we won't buy cds anymore. I work at best buy and they have condensed the cd section to 4 small rows, because no one is buy them anymore, they will be gone completely by next summer. This cd is the reason, 2-3 songs of of a what should be a great cd

  9. I thought the only thing buried with MJ was paternity results. Guess not!

  10. Got to love his honesty when asked if he felt Kanye was like a young Quincy, No lol

  11. Do you think he walks away from these interviews chuckling to himself? Selling the album aside, wouldn't you like to know what that man, with his history, really thinks about the artists of today, because for him the comparison isn't only with MJ, it's with Miles, Ella, Ray, Sinatra, the list goes on and on back to The Garden of Eden, he must look at the music world oday and laugh his backside off. The joke's on?

  12. Oh man. Your Soul Bossa Nostra entries are classic. I'm glad it's not just me who winced when I listened.
    Quincy Jones has always been on the cutting edge of the music industry. Playing with the latest and hippest musical textures and technology.
    Unfortunately, well you know. AutoTune abuse is rampant. And featuring big record label cash cow rappers on every track spitting non sequiturs. And the latest bubble gum pop artist package.
    It all adds up to a hot mess. I listened to most of Soul Bossa Nostra recently and it did not go down well.
    I could think of a bunch of artists I'd rather hear reinterpreting Q's classics. They're not the ones on this CD, unfortunately, bless their hearts. If someone dropped this project in my lap I'd emphasize musicians reinterpreting as well as the vocal and rap personalities: Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding, ?uest Love. Those are some of this generations versatile instrument playing young lions, right? Get some more of them and mix 'em up witih some legends (insert name-drops here). Then the project would at least have some depth.
    Whenever these kinds of releases drop, I wonder how much involvement the eponymous artist had in the production of the tracks themselves.
    Oh well. If Kool and the Gang can go from "Jungle Boogie" to "Diana" with crossover success anything can happen. Maybe they could remake "Jungle Boogie" with Justin Bieber, Kenny G. and semi-finalists from American Idol.
    But hey. Maybe Q isn't as much of a music snob as me.

  13. Oops. It's "Joanna", isn't it. Not "Diana".