Ginuwine Is Back To Show Us ‘What Could’ve Been’

A '90's R&B crooner making a comeback does not always have the potential of turning out positively, but Ginuwine definitely has a chance of the beating the odds as he presents this new video to his single "What Could've Been." The video is reminiscent of one of the best scenes from the popular back-in-the-day sitcom A Different World--the one when Dwayne Wayne interrupts Whitley's wedding to the Senator--and features actress Malinda Williams as the blushing bride. Ginuwine is looking dashing and healthy, with some muscle added to his formerly slim frame and the S-curl visibly absent. Age looks great on Ginuwine and his dance moves haven't suffered in the least. Will he get his Whitley like Dwayne did? Watch below to see.

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3 Responses

  1. Anybody know who wrote this? Sounds like The Underdogs but i know they don't write together any longer. Quality slice of grown ass man R&B from Ginuwine - like it a lot!

  2. @SteH90: The song was co-written by Attozio and Ginuwine and produced by Melvin “Saint Nick” Coleman.

  3. It's alright at best, get your thing together Ginuwine