‘Glee’ May Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson With Auto-Tune Abuse, Mash-Ups

I guess people are getting really comfortable with Michael Jackson himself being out of the picture of Michael Jackson's music because a lot of people have decided to get cute. Such creativity greenlit development of a full-length feature film of the "Thriller" music video, despite how much logic must be suspended in order to think that is even in the same galaxy as a good idea. While it was rumored that those helming the increasingly unhinged TV show Glee might be doing an MJ tribute episode, the show has reconsidered. Get this, there might just be a "Thriller" mash-up with another as-yet-unnamed song. What do you think, SoulBouncers? Should Glee pay homage or should they leave the King alone? [H/T: NYM]

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  1. why not? can't see anything wrong about it!! and i hope to see our own Charice(Sunshine Cruz) participating on that tribute.

  2. I think due to his contributions and the other tributes they have given, if you can't do an MJ tribute then don't do it at all.
    A mashup seems disrepectful to me..especially after his passing.
    They gave the original swagger jacker Madonna a tribute.

  3. Glee better stay the heck away.

  4. I'll tell you why not: The show sucks and they can't sing. Leave The King Of Pop alone!

  5. Dear Glee,
    Your show sucks. And if you do a MJ tribute that sucks even half as much as your show does....I may just shoot my TV the way that guy in Wisconsin did after Bristol Palin survived yet another elimination on DWTS.

  6. I don't see the problem, honestly. I happen to like Glee, it's a cute, mildly entertaining show. I understand MJ is the King , but if it were any other artist, would people really care?
    MJ is the greatest artist of all time, but I think people put him on too high of a pedestal. He was an entertainer, and a damn good one, but he was not Jesus Christ. I say, if Glee wants to do an MJ song, then by all means. Will it be good? Maybe. Better than an original? Of course not. No matter what people decide to do relating to MJ, even some 20 odd years after his death, people will always shout disrespect, and there's nothing disrespectful about any of it unless they're waving a banner of a skeleton with no nose while doing the moonwalk.
    Maybe they decided not to do a tribute episode because they were worried people would get all in a fuss about them not doing it as well as MJ (which is impossible) but decided they still want to pay some type of homage.
    And I think some people need to google Amber Riley & Chris Colfer because they are absolutely amazing.

  7. glee has it's outrageously asinine moments but I really like the show. the last 3 episodes have actually been amazing. but I need them not to do that mashup stuff they do with thriller. leave thriller alone. do PYT or something. I dunno. nobody can pull off thriller but MJ.

  8. @Eghocentric,
    Your "MJ is the greatest artist of all time, but I think people put him on too high of a pedestal" comment would normally make me completely lose it except I'm working on being a calmer person during the last quarter of 2010.
    In all honesty, I've never really dug Glee but I've watched it. As long as they do right by him, who cares? It seems as though they've done great jobs and been respectful towards the music of the artists they've featured so far.
    As long as it's better than that liquor commercial that uses "Dancing Machine" then I'm all good.

  9. @ill mami
    "As long as they do right by him, who cares?"
    That's really all I'm saying. And when I say people put him on a pedestal, I mean that a lot of people have the attitude, "they're not going to do it as well as MJ, so why bother?" It's almost as if he was this infallible creature put on earth to be worshiped - like Catholics to the Pope. Like if I'm writing about Michael using pronouns, I should capitalize all the Hs because he's some heavenly being haha.
    He was an AMAZING person, musically and socially and maybe personally, but ever since he passed people act like it's blasphemy to even think about using his music in other venues.
    I completely understand that no one is going to be as great as him, but sometimes people just get so angry at the mere thought of a cover. I mean, if they do it and it's bad they just make themselves look like a fool (i.e.- the We Are the World & PYT travesties). I think someday down the line there will be a fantastic cover that does MJ proud but we may never get that chance to hear it because people aren't trying to hear an MJ classic if he's not the one singing it. We might be pleasantly surprised with a Thriller mashup, though I'm not sure what song they could possibly mix with that.
    And this season of Glee has been a little disappointing, but they've been getting better each week. The Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mashup was awesome. I could've done without the Gwenyth Paltrow rendition of "F*** You" though.
    OK, and I'm done lol

  10. @Eghocentric:
    "Like if I'm writing about Michael using pronouns, I should capitalize all the Hs because he's some heavenly being..."
    LMAO. He was a man of great talent. True. And if we didn't allow others to at least attempt to sing his songs, we'd have missed out on a lot of great talent.
    I feel you.


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