Jay Electronica Dons A ‘Shiny New Suit’ With Jay-Z

The second business day after Jay Electronica announced being signed to Roc Nation brings yet another track that we can all add to our musical rosters. "Shiny New Suit Theory," which I'm pretty sure is a reference to Diddy, is the actual song that Jay premiered during a performance that had his fans on pins and needles waiting for its release. Produced by The-Dream, the sample of The Ambassadors' "Ain't Got The Love" that likely has you humming "I Got A Love" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth features Jay El with a lazy flow reminiscent of molasses on your tongue. Jay-Z emerges on this track with his trademark confident and punctuated style. Overall, the vibe is hip-hop smoothed out with a soul feel to it and I love it. See what I mean after you press play below. Be sure to check The Real's take on the whole Diddy-Jay Elec drama that wasn't with a Lebron James reference thrown in there for good measure after the bounce. 

After the bounce

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3 Responses

  1. man that is a jam, straight hip hop. Love the sample and the flow is pretty nice, hope the rest of his cd is the same

  2. What the? MAN - WHY - that dream producer is a lazy ass mofo... how you gon just choose a sample and loop it and not even put drums or anything to it and say you produced it.. i like the concept, but 'THE DREAM' could have at least put drums behind it..