Lil Kim’s Nicki Minaj Diss Is A Miss

Nothing lasts forever in the music business. Trends change. Fads and alliances shift. Careers crumble. It's ever-evolving, like the face of Biggie's unclaimed sidepiece, Lil Kim. A decade ago, Kimberly Jones was Britney Spears to Foxy Brown's Jessica Simpson. But times have changed. After a vacation in the slammer and a stint on Dancing With The Stars, it was clear that the Queen Bee's grip on the throne was weakening...along with her nose cartilage. Somewhere along the way Kimberly morphed herself into a curvy Asian and faded into oblivion. Enter Lil Wayne protégé Nicki Minaj, the embodiment of all of Kim's fears: another pretty girl with a vulgar mouth whose surgically enhanced body receives just as much attention as her music. Nicki improved upon the Barbie persona Kim made famous, and Self-Hatred Barbie was not the least bit pleased. Minaj dropped "Roman's Revenge" with Eminem, and Self-Hatred Barbie threatened to erase Nicki's social security number. Then came Nicki's hilarious interview on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez where she snatched Kim's wig and nose clean the hell off. Never one to hold her tongue, Kimberly responded on Thanksgiving with her diss track "Black Friday," a play on Pink Friday, the title of Nicki's debut album.

Over a Pharoahe Monch instrumental, Kim swings hard at Nicki, Drake, Wayne and Diddy and everyone else who's emerged in her absense. Nevermind that her flow is as dated as the track. What matters is that she made Hardcore, and she'll never let you forget it. Oh yeah, she wants you to know that Nicki's ass is fake. Nevermind that her presto chango face would put Mrs. Potato Head to shame. That's beside the point. There are references to her "still standing," "being on top," being the Queen, and so on, but why? The best retaliation is success, not avoidable wackness. Some "rookie" comes for your head, and the best you can do is embarrass yourself over an 11-year old beat?

A standout line: "Stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm." Chile, please.

It's over, Kimmie. You've had a great run, spit some great lines, swallowed many babies. We appreciate you. The climate has changed since you last showed one of your faces, and like Aretha in a bikini, you just don't fit anymore. Why would a Queen clap back at some insignificant, unoriginal "Kim clone clown"? Probably for the same reason artists sign with Diddy: insanity. I miss the raunchy colored girl with big front teeth from the '90s. This crotchety, pale chihuahua on the scene now? Hell and no.

To quote the object of your unrequited love, "Don't be mad, UPS is hiring."

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28 Responses

  1. Thank You JESUS , Some one who gets it *hi-five* on this

  2. The reason many Hihop heads are feeling Kim's track is because she has put on wax what many in the industry and the streets have been mumbling about for the past year and a half but not saying it loud enough: Minaj is whack mainly for being a gimmick, for aping not only the image of several big name artists but also for 'stealing' lines from other female MCs and lacing them up as hers and for doing the Soulja Boy watering down of Hiphop as an art form.
    There's a reason this track is getting so much attention on east coast radio........even beyond NYC.

  3. "I seen em come, I seen em go"
    That's bout the only truth in that whole hot mess, Kim. Haha, "swallowed many babies".
    Although I'm not a Nicki fan, it's a new day, a new regime. Even though Nicki's reign probably wont last any longer than ten years, IF that long, Kim needs to get over it and go away.

  4. Who cares about this nobody. I cant believe I came to SoulBounce thinking I was gonna get a recap of the Soul Train Awards 2010, which was/is the GREATEST award show ever produced on BET. I mean just the fact that Goapele, Laylah Hathaway, Rochelle Farell, Kem, Tamia, Chrisette Michelle and Faith Evans AND El Debarge on the same stage singing Anita Baker songs alone would garner at least a mention, hell I could barely keep the flies out of my mouth while watching. Imma need yall to do better please. Lil Kim has no soul, and I havent "bounced" to her since 96'

  5. @chile boo: oh, you mean the awards show we live tweeted for 5 hours on november 11th when we were in attendance? oh okay.

  6. Great piece. Exactly how I feel. That response track sounds so decades ago and her flow is a snooze. Old heads screaming Kim over Nicki is so old people verses young people. It's embarrassing (Just like Lil Kim!). Nicki's style is fresh, contemporary and speaks to youth culture. And you can critique youth culture all you want but that's the cycle. Old people were critiquing our youth culture back in the day as well. Trying to preserve something that's gonna die regardless. Times change, C. Delores Tucker. Get into it or get over it.

  7. @Huny
    Well should I thank you for thinking that all your readers are twitter followers, and that we would remember what was going on 2 weeks ago on a site that updates by the second. Or should I still be a little tiffed that you decided not to post about the event that was TELEVISED yesterday, giving your readers the opportunity to actually see and hear what you were talking about in less than 150 words on twitter? Is a picture and a few words too much to ask for?I think I will just get off this computer and take my ass home.

  8. As history repeats itself, sometimes the new one is not as good as the old. Ok so Kim hasn't put out a song in what 5 yrs or so, Nickie is total Garbage, she is like the female version of Cameron when she raps. I listened to the cd and afterwords erased it from my computer. She trying to sing and rap ,like drake but sounds like a bad imitation of Wayne throwing words together. Get some skills lil girl, and stop getting surgery. And put some dam clothes on, tired of seeing all the children naked, ie kerry hilson, i have nieces and other youngin's i wan tto see grow up to be respectable. Queen Latifa, and Mc Lyte never took their clothes off. It went on skills , of being able to hold their own. Lil Kim has still held hers better than Nickie.

  9. I'm not even a big Nicki fan but I see her merits. And if you really paid attention she shows some cleavage and wears tight clothes but keeps them on, especially in the past two years. So your issue is a moral one that has more to do with the monitoring of female bodies than it has to do with artistry. Kim got the SAME flack when she dropped. It's so funny to me that she's a part of the hip hop canon now and being defended for her greatness (when she notoriously does not write, has rearranged her face and all of her rhymes are about pleasuring men). Why? Because the young people that held her up are now oldheads. Nicki's message to young women is empowering and more realistic than the 100% desexualized messages that Queen and Lyte put out there. She talks about female independence, camaraderie and determination. Show me one rhyme on this album where she's talking about sucking d*ck, f*cking a dude for money, or popping her a**. It's not there. Stop preaching based upon your own misinformation.

  10. if you have a suggestion about what we should cover, feel free to email us at it's much more effective than derailing something completely off-topic. I'd also suggest following us on twitter; as that's at least one way we'll typically cover live events that we personally attend.

  11. @jacey what one woman considers a "realistic message" may not be realistic at all for the next woman. and that's fine. I think it's a sad state of affairs when some heads can only regard one female emcee as THE ONE at a time. we certainly don't do that with male rappers.
    nicki may be IT to some women, lil kim or jean grae may be it to others. so-called "desexualized" women should not be less regarded - they're still women. and since you brought up queen, there has been no other rap song by a female emcee that is more empowering to me personally than U.N.I.T.Y. but so what? all hip hop doesn't have to be empowering either. you're kinda painting yourself into the same corner as those you're complaining about.

  12. Huny, I never said Nicki was the ONE or that there needs to be a ONE. I do take issue with the immediate dismissal of her, which I find to be sexist (and coming from men and women) in many contexts. When did I say hip hop has to be empowering? I brought that up as an admittedly reflexive critique of people who present Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, etc. as regally chaste and empowering and someone like NIcki as immediately disempowering b/c she wears tight clothes. I think it's fine and appreciate your desire to separate yourself from my opinion but you're the one that actually painted me into a corner I never claimed.

  13. @jacey I was actually riding with you until halfway thru your comment so I don't know what desire you're taumbout. I just find what you said about queen and lyte's so-called "100% desexualized" message being less realistic for young women than nicki's as one-dimensional as the arguments people have about nicki's image.

  14. I'd be willing to temper that but only slightly so we'll agree to to disagree. The spectrum of female sexuality is broad and hopefully we're moving into an era where it doesn't need need to be completely erased/ignored or exploitatively pathologized (lil kim) in order for it to be accepted. I think Nicki represents that and that why I appreciate her.

  15. awww man… that write-up was blistering!! But so eff'n true.
    She could have won by supporting Nicki. Instead, she "no vaseline-d" herself.
    This is slightly less anti-climatic than Hammer's "JayZ diss video".

  16. I never found either one that talented. They're the same person. Dressing odd/form fitting for shock value? check. Gimmicky? check. Adopted the style of the top guys of their era? check. Can tell they didnt write their own lyrics? yepper. Both self proclaimed barbie dolls? hmmhmm. Kim and Nicks are pretty dissing themselves.*scaratches head* What a weird beef. Kim is right in stating she stole her style because Kim was plastic first. (I guess that's a reason to beef) Although I have bobbed my head way more to Kim (circa Junior Mafia days), I just didnt get it afterwhile. Nicks appeal is that it's just her...she's the only female face of Hip Pop right now, an anomaly.
    *detoxes listening to "Friction" Boog Brown, Miz Corona and Invincible*

  17. Kim looks a hot mess, hasnt really spit anything worth listening too in the last 10 years, she's obviously jealous of this Nicki Minaj chick. Have you noticed that only the female rappers who try to sell sex are mad at Nicki? you dont see or hear Jean Grae, or invincible even mentioning this chick Nicki because they know and real hip hop heads know Nick is a joke as an MC. They see the bigger picture in all of this, like it or not Nicki has a platform to bring some shine to females MC, is she who real hip hop heads want as an example of a dope female mc? no she's is but she's here and we might as well get use to it, sort of like the Bush administration before Obama:-)

  18. wow. quite the colorful responses.
    @stoneyisland - SO TRUE. Those who aren't threatened, DONT CARE. Remy has been positive and supportive, Jean, Latifah, whoever: SILENT. Supportive if anything. She's got her own lane. My piece was not intended to laud Nicki as the GREAT ONE, or the BEST CHICK OUT, but to point out Kim's failure as someone who labeled herself THE QUEEN.
    Yes, Kim's catalog flatten's Nicki at this point, two years in. However, for someone who's writing abilities are always questioned, Kim's "title" is by no means guaranteed or permanent. Nicki may easily not be around for years to come, but the point is, at this point, wack or not, PEOPLE CARE. Whether you, Joe soul music obsessee, gives a fuck, is irrelevant. SOMEONE cares.
    So...yeah. I'm not drinking the juice just yet. She has a way to go. She has time to prove herself. Pop route or not, she's here. Deal with it.
    And Kim? Yeah. There's not much else to say. She looks good and crazy. And that's that. Do something new and accept that the crown is always passed on eventually. Bye, Kimberly.

  19. I have to agree Kim was the $hit but your time is over.

  20. @ Chris - Now you know you are wrong for that picture of Kim you posted. Out of all the thousands of photos, you pick that one. Lol!
    I am sure when you picked that particular photo, you did it with love!

  21. @Simply Phillip Brown that we use here have to be a certain size, you just so happens that THAT picture was he PERFECT size. LOL

  22. Kim is sounding like nothing more than an old bitter has been. NIcki already gave props to Kim for inspiring her. What else does she have to do, dedicate every performance to her. GTFOH. When was the last time Kim dropped anything relevant? I dig Nicki... She's so colorful, animated, entertaining and well spoken, regardless of whether or not her CD was all that great. Why not support her? Theres room for everyone. Did Jay Z try to put out a dis track when Kanye or Drake came out? If Kim had any sense, she wouldve been trying to get a duet on Nicki's CD. Just because she wore some colored wigs in a Crush on You video and took some pics with Dave LaChappelle looking like a doll she has the patent on Barbie? Last time I checked, it was Mattel. Grow up and stop hating.

  23. HAHAHA!
    I actually laughed out loud and broke into a slow-clap at "Self-Hatred Barbie"! Brilliant!
    But yeah, I really wanted her to come hard on this track. But everything from the beat selection, to her flow, to the lyrics, was a disappointment.


  25. wow! The writer of this isn't on the Nicki Minaj band wagon at all! All the back handed props Nicki's been giving Kim she needed to respond. Especially when you see someone who's been obviously jockin' your swag, songs and poses claim shes better than you like you never exsisted. If kim's come back sounds dated at least she had the balls to come directly at Nicki. Since when did rappers start getting props for dissing somebody but afraid to say who it's about! Chile Please on that!

  26. Nicki might have some dope rhymes, but that's the conclusion. I can't bang her mixtape, she's not talkin bout anything new.Kim was cool in the day, but somehwere between that day and now, she lost it!! I think all the comments are hilarious, but this is not a battle LOL and Nicki is not the "new" nothin. She's gettin her turn like all the other chicks did. It won't last, she's not that strong. I do wish Kim came harder though, the whole thing just showed how much she actually lost with years...

  27. I GOT A CRAZY IDEA FOR U, DONT DO IT ” lmaooo !!!!!