Morning Soul: I’m The Dopest Female That You’ve Heard Thus Far

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  1. That Nicki Minaj review is crap! Why does that guy @ continue to think he knows anything about music?

  2. That Nicki Minaj review was hilarious! Loved it.

  3. I'm sure that Minaj review was a joke , I mean really they compared her to shakespere..Hailarious! Luckily the Morning soul video is by a real MC.

  4. as for Beyonce creating a "new genre of music," all i can do is shake my head. really? well, i hope that genre doesn't require that she gyrate across the stage or do unnecessary runs that poorly mimic real singers. she's got the physical thing down (the body, the face, etc.), but where's the real vocal talent, the artistry, the substance? video phone? ego? single ladies? she has most certainly been blessed (and, yes, she works hard), but when it comes to pure musical talent, she's mediocre at best. i guess in this day and age when the AMAs and the other award shows look like hyped-up talent shows, then she is in fact the "best." i just want folks to stop putting her in lanes that she doesn't belong in. maybe her next project will surprise me, but for some reason i think she's more concerned with selling records than making good music that matters, that will stand the test of time.

  5. .... I don't think she literally means "genre," rather her own distinct sound. I think that's pretty obvious.

  6. LMBAO.. u killin' me PurpleReign with 'do unnecessary runs', Ur right on the money!!

  7. I thought maybe it was just me...but he was being facetious right???


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