Morning Soul: Just Another Day Around The Way

  • Q-Tip calls working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy "music by committee" in Kanye West's Complex cover story. [MI]
  • Speaking of Kanye, Quincy Jones apparently takes great offense to 'Ye being compared to him because "he's just a rapper". [RS]
  • The New York Times' curmudgeonly book critic Michiko Kakutani gives Jay-Z's Decoded an atypically favorable review. [NYM]
  • Whoa. Fantasia, who is currently being sued by her boyfriend Antwaun Cook's estranged wife for "alienation of affection", admitted on the stand that she aborted her baby with him around the time of her suicide attempt. [JIA]

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4 Responses

  1. "alienation of affection".........................I like that.

  2. By the way...............
    Alienation of Affection is a law still recognized by only seven states – one of which is North Carolina – where an abandoned spouse can file lawsuit against the party responsible for the failure of their marriage, typically the adulterous spouse’s lover.

  3. ha! Did you get that off wikipedia? Because I sure had to look it up... had no clue you could even sue under that term, but like I learned... it only stands in 7 states...

  4. QJ is crazy if he appreciates Akon and T-Pain over Kanye West. Yeah, Kanye has some emotional demons he needs to deal with, but QJ knows good and well that Ye is super intelligent and talented. i don't even get into Kanye's stuff all that tough, but you can't deny his abilities. Me thinks that there were some ego clashes between the two. Ye must have said something that made Mr Jones feel slighted or something, cuz there is no way that he can't appreciate him for being "more than a rapper.


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